Fix deployed for broken webcal import in 2.0.3

It recently came to our attention that prior to releasing the 2.0.3 build, we inadvertently changed the webcal feed version number in the Events Calendar PRO plugin code. This in turn made it impossible for some users to import their events into external calendars (google calendar or iCal) without seeing an error message telling them “iCal (or other) can’t read this calendar file.”

This issue has since been patched in the Events Calendar PRO 2.0.3 code and a hotfix deployed for any new downloads. If you experienced this issue, just re-download the 2.0.3 code and you’ll be all set. We apologize for the inconvenience along these lines and will make sure this doesn’t get reverted upon releasing 2.1.

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  1. Dear Rob
    I really think it would be helpful if you put a date on this sort of releases so I could know whether to worry or not.
    All the Best

    1. Agree with Luke

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