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Image Widget Plus

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      Posted by: keepingupwithkaci
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2018/08/30 at 9:35am

      I would like a refund immediately. Very unhappy with this purchase. I was under the impression I was purchasing an image widget, only. This is entirely to complicated with very little plug in information. I found a better suited alternative and would like to …

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    • 8/30/18
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      Also Disappointed

      Posted by: Craig
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2018/06/27 at 9:35am

      Wanted to add multiple images to events. Now see this plugin does not do that. I request a refund.

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    • 6/27/18
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      Refund for Image Plus Widget

      Posted by: sweetrachyrach
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2018/06/06 at 9:35am

      I just bought this today, and it is not at all intuitive, and you also applied it to the wrong website. This is not a good widget and don’t want it. Please issue a refund. Thanks you. Susie Moore

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    • 6/6/18
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      Where can I place the Image Widget Plus widget?

      Posted by: Ray
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2018/02/16 at 8:36am

      Hi there, Other than a sidebar am I able to place the Image Widget Plus widget elsewhere? Say in a Post or Page body using maybe a shortcode? In summary I would like to use the widget to display images other than in the sidebar. Regards, Ray

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    • 2/16/18
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      Variable Layouts

      Posted by: Colleen
      Most Recent by: Cliff on 2018/02/14 at 3:31pm

      Hi there, I understand that I can create a custom template for my images (thank you for this feature!) but I\’m wondering if I can take this a step further and target instances of the widget. For example, if this is the first image widget on my sidebar,…

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    • 2/14/18
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      Purchased Image Widget Plus – can't upload images

      Posted by: jblaisus
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2018/01/02 at 8:35am

      Hello, I’m having the exact same issue as Please refund my purchase made about an hour ago. The organization I work for doesn’t have a web developer and …

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    • 1/2/18
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      Posted by: Neil Fleming
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/11/05 at 8:35am

      I love the Events calendar, and use it on multiple sites. What a disappointment Image Widget Plus is. I thought I would be able to use it to enhance my events listings, but it seems to offer nothing that I can’t already do with free plugins such as Elem…

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    • 11/5/17
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      Caption on first image appearing for all of them

      Posted by: Meghan Cooper
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/08/25 at 9:35am

      Right now I’m using a slider to share the images. Each image has a new caption but only the first image caption is showing for all of them. Also, is there a way to make the images change without a new site load? Like every 10 seconds, the image goes to…

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    • 8/25/17
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      Doesn’t work

      Posted by: Kerry
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/07/11 at 9:37am

      My Image Widget Plus just stopped working. Does this product only work with Event Calendar? I have recently deactivated Events Calendar.

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    • 7/11/17
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      Cancel my account

      Posted by: Kimberly
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/06/28 at 9:35am

      I have searched the Forums and the nnly responses I found similar questions were marked P”Private. I accidentally purchased this widget as an upgrade from a notice on my website which…

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    • 6/28/17
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      How do I add urls to my images?

      Posted by: Steve
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/06/14 at 9:35am

      Hi, I bought this plugin today thinking it would allow me to create an image carousel for my events calendar so that I could highlight specific up-coming events on my homepage. Does this plugin not allow me to link each image to a url in my events pro calenda…

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    • 6/14/17
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      Nothing… Where do I find this?

      Posted by: Kerry
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/06/02 at 9:35am

      I downloaded PLUS as soon as it was available to me. Nothing changed. Nowhere to add additional photos. So I purchased it (although I don’t think I needed to.). Still no result. What are the changes and where do we load them up?

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    • 6/2/17
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      Image pop up when clicking the slideshow

      Posted by: Marc
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/05/29 at 7:48am

      Hi, I am hoping that this is not part of the plugin, as it is a bit annoying. Please look at the test page supplied. When you click on the slideshow the image also pops up? I do not want it to do that? see screenshot attached. There are no plugin conflicts …

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    • 5/29/17
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      Welcome to the Image Widget Plus forum!

      Posted by: Barry
      Most Recent by: Ratings Droid on 2017/05/09 at 10:40am

      If you have any questions relating to Image Widget Plus, please do post them here – we’re keen to help with any setup and installation problems as well as questions about general usage. We look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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    • 5/9/17