Virtual Events 1.0.1

We just shipped the first update to our newly minted Virtual Events add-on for The Events Calendar! In it you’ll find an improved user experience when connecting to the Zoom API and when using the WordPress block editor to create events.

This is a minor release that should be smooth sailing when updating. That said, it’s always a good idea to backup your site and test changes in a development environment before installing this on your live site, as you would with any other WordPress update.

Here are the detailed changes included in the release:

  • Fix – We now correctly display the time information in calendar views when this plugin is active.
  • Fix – We make sure that virtual event meta data can be removed from events when Zoom Links have been generated for the event.
  • Fix – We have improved some minor compatibility issues with legacy views on The Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro.
  • Fix – Virtual event icons and information now show correctly on Windows hosts.
  • Fix – We have resolved an issue where PHP errors pop up after disconnecting from the Zoom API.
  • Fix – The “Show Immediately” option for displaying an embedded video or Zoom link is now the default selection.
  • Fix – We have added compatibility with the “Add an Online Event Link to Ticket Emails” extension.
  • Fix – We now avoid fatal errors when the plugin is deleted or when The Events Calendar plugin is not active.
  • Tweak – We have made some smaller design adjustments, including improvements to the user experience when connecting to the Zoom API.
  • Tweak – We have improved the ability to use Virtual Events when using the WordPress block editor for events.
  • Tweak – We now disable the “Connect to Zoom” button in the Zoom API settings until the Zoom API credentials are provided and enable the button without requiring you to save the option first.
  • Language2 new strings added, 8 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted