WordCamp Boston 2018

WordCamp Boston Slides: Adapting to Gutenberg

In the upcoming WordPress 5.0 release, the post editor will be redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up.

This new editor is called the block editor (a.k.a. Gutenberg), and it’s been no small task to ensure The Events Calendar and our other plugins are ready for it. While we’ve written about some of the challenges we’ve faced in our Going Gutenberg blog series, we haven’t talked much about the actual processes and systems we’ve put in place to tackle these challenges—how we organize our development and design teams, how we break up the projects and maintain deadlines as the block editor itself gets updated and iterated upon by the WordPress core team.

WordCamp Boston Presentation

At WordCamp Boston, our Director of Product, Zach Tirrell, took the stage to dive into these details. In his talk, Zach highlighted some of the biggest challenges we’ve faced, the ways we’ve dealt with them, and the main lessons we’ve learned from going all-in with Gutenberg.

Here are the slides from his presentation:

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