Events Calendar Pro 2.0: Custom Meta

Beyond recurring events, another feature we’ve added in Events Calendar Pro 2.0 that significantly alters the plugin’s functionality is the inclusion of custom meta data.

While users of ECP were previously limited to just the few event settings we’d hardcoded in, those days are soon to be a thing of the past. Now, site administrators have an option in the settings panel to add additional meta fields of their choosing, beyond the defaults. After the jump, check out some screenshots and a broader overview of what you can expect on the meta front when 2.0 is released.

To first configure your custom meta, you’ll log in to the backend and go to Settings –> Events Calendar Pro. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the “Additional Fields” section:

Custom Meta in ECP 2.0

You’ll notice right off the bat that there’s a “Field Label”, “Field Type”, and “Options.” Field Label just dictates what you want the new item to be labeled as. Upon publication it will appear alongside your event details up where start time, end time, etc. can be found.ย Field Type gives the choice of selecting how you want this new custom meta to be configured on the backend — your options include text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc.

The Options section is where, if you picked a multi-choice field type like checkboxes or radio buttons, you’d add (on separate lines) each of the options you want to have available when creating new events:
Custom Meta in ECP 2.0
In the example above, you’ll see we have configured a text field for the host — assuming that whoever creates the event will know the name of it’s host and can enter that in — and a checkbox field for the raffle prizes being given away, with the 3 prize options listed in the Options box.

Upon saving and navigating over to create a new event, you won’t notice anything majorly different about the page structure — you still start with your title/entry body, then get down into the event date / time / venue / organizer. But scroll to the bottom of the event details section and you’ll see the meta fields in action:

Custom Meta in ECP 2.0

There, you’ll see that the author of this event now has a space to add the extra details not covered above when setting the date, venue & organizer. This event looks like it’s going to be a celebration: the host has been defined as local celebrity Johnny Jones, and 2 of the 3 raffle prizes are up for grabs. Sweet!

It all comes together upon publication. At the top of the event listing, where the rest of the event basics are displayed, our new meta fields can be seen. What previously was limited to looking like this:

Custom Meta in ECP 2.0

Is now much more robust, and appears like so:

Custom Meta in ECP 2.0

You can add multiple meta fields as you see fit, and can use any combination of choices from the “Field Type” dropdown. These new fields will appear on any event created within your site going forward, until someone removes them from the list of additional fields at Settings –> Events Calendar Pro. They will of course not show up on the frontend unless you configure them accordingly on the backend when creating your event…so no need to fear their constant presence on events where it isn’t appropriate.

Even better — for all intents and purposes to your frontend users, there’s no difference between this and the hardcoded options that came with the plugin fresh out of the box.

Just another feature you can look forward to in ECP 2.0, and which should enhance the plugin’s functionality to meet all types of needs. For a screencast walking through the meta custom meta process, check out our Facebook page. You’d also be well-served to sign up for our newsletter using the form atop this page, so you can stay abreast of the latest developments as we move towards our September launch. Plus, if you sign up now you’ll receive a discount for ECP 2.0 upon release.