New Releases: Facebook Dev Imports for Event Aggregator + TEC

The Events Calendar is here, providing support for a new extension that provides a workaround to Facebook’s API restrictions. Event Aggregator users will be able to grab this extension and starting importing some events from Facebook, just like the good old days!

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Facebook Imports Are Back

While Facebook’s API restrictions are still the bane of WordPress users everywhere, our super awesome support team has created a new Facebook import extension that restores some of the previous import functionality for our users. It’s exciting, but please keep in mind that any workaround we provide (such as this extension) is subject to the whims of Mark Zuckerberg and crew.

Update: On December 10, 2018, Facebook launched a verification process for individual developers to continue using Facebook Platform APIs. As such, we no longer recommend using the Facebook import extension mentioned above.

The Events Calendar

The new extension isn’t the only news today. We’ve also got a fresh new update for users of The Events Calendar.

In most cases, you will be able to take advantage of automated updates, but if those are unavailable for any reason you can download the plugins from your downloads page then update manually.

  • Fix – Fixed an issue where a fatal error could be generated when trying to save a new Event Aggregator scheduled import
  • Fix – Handle left-over Facebook scheduled imports and notices
  • Tweak – Added the `tribe_aggregator_import_setting_origins` filter to the origins available for default import settings