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    Hi everyone – thanks for checking out WooTickets. So far we’ve already had a lot of great feedback and ideas for future versions: many or all of these have been logged. What I’d encourage everyone to do from here on is list any feature requests and possible improvements (as distinct from bugs) right in this thread.

    That will help us to progress this plugin further and also make it easier to curate and review all of the suggestions.

    Thanks – and enjoy WooTickets!


    This plugin is fantastic. I’ve used some other Event Managing tools, and have always wanted integration with WooCommerce. To have two different carts/ checkout systems for Events (non-Tribe) and Products (WooCommerce) is/was incredibly confusing to the end-user. This is miraculous, and out of the box WooTickets comes packaged with everything one would need to get started – and get started successfully. There are a lot of features packed within already that make sense and show the forethought and time spent mapping these out that make WooTickets (even more) unique. Great job!!

    1. Expanding on Additional Fields:
    A. Instead of just showing what is possible/ or “at” the event using Additional Fields. Allow the End-User or Purchaser to select _what_ they would like.

    Example: Additional Field “Shirt Size” with dropdown values of S-M-L. Instead of just showing the Purchaser those shirts are available, they select the size they would like via a dropdown and that information is stored in their Attendee Information. This would help with production costs if items are being made beforehand, you can get a feel for where to spend that up-front cost (To build on that example: 48 smalls, 25 Mediums, 84 Larges ordered before event sales stopped … so purchase/print +10/15 in each instead of trying to guesstimate. With that information available for each Attendee they get what they want with minimal hassle [and could even get their items beforehand potentially]).

    B. Create Forms based on Additional Fields to allow for grouping of Additional Field information to be selected by the Organizer instead of each individual Additional Field.

    Example: 36 Additional Fields created. For Events those 36 Additional Fields coordinate to 6 different “Categories” of Events (or 6 unique AF each). Instead of having the Organizer by-pass the 30 AF they do not care about, they simply select their “Additional Field Form” … and it would display the AF associated with that form. Reducing space, clutter, and potential for Purchaser mistake.

    C. Also if the AF can be sortable or ordered:
    Though with WordPress/PHP knowledge, a developer should be able to rearrange any data they would need.

    2. Individual Attendee Information:
    I know this has been requested, but this would be a great addition for large groups, while still allowing for some N/A if the person isn’t positive who is or is not coming.

    This has the potential to become much more powerful coupled with 1A above (if for example, User A wanted a S Shirt, but User B should get a M Shirt, User C wanted a L Shirt).

    Not to get too crazy, but it would be nice if it was smart enough to map the “Secondary” Tickets to an existing User Account if the Attendee who did not purchase the ticket’s e-mail was provided (or create an account if they did not exist via e-mail [and if First/Last (Given/Family) were required for the Individual Attendee information]). That way, they would be able to print their own tickets (eventually), or get “credit” for purchasing. (If there is a go to 10 Events, get the 11th free type of promotion. Or if there is a Rating/Comment Section for *Attendees Only*)

    Example: User A buys for B/C/D. B/C do not exist but User Accounts are created for them to enable their information to be shown in the Attendee List (and if they would ever want to purchase tickets in the future). User D already exists, so it maps against the Unique Identifier (e-mail).

    Issue: What if 4 tickets are purchased and no information is provided. You do not want to create throwaway accounts. Those tickets all stay in the current format and associated with the purchasing account.

    3. Ticket Queue in User Account Information:
    I know this is being worked on as well. E-mails are sent out to the purchaser via PDF, but if the User could have a repository of tickets they have purchased … well I guess while I’m typing this, that could be handled in an Order History via WooCommerce potentially. It may be nice to have Active/Inactive Tickets though, and the ability to bring them up without the PDF or E-Mail.

    Maybe the ability to “give” their tickets away to other User Accounts as well if they are unable to attend (kind of like the above feature when purchasing for others initially – or finding out their attendee list down the line).

    Kind of Insane Thought: I don’t know if a StubHub like service would like be something to consider to allow tickets to be bartered outside the service (say if it is sold-out)… I have no need for something like that. Ethics and other complications come into play on this one.

    4. QR Codes, or Barcodes, something to help with the sign-in process:
    Though to be fair, I haven’t and will not be able to try the current sign-in process for some time. It seems very robust and quick, and to be honest probably faster than someone scanning a QR Code.

    If there are multiple entry points, this check-in system would/ will be invaluable. So I’d like to see some real world examples before adding in “bells & whistles” to something that probably works pretty well out of the gate.

    It just may make it “look” more secure. And some events may have that ability to handle scanning easily.

    Sorry if this post seemed all over the place. Please reach out with any questions or concerns. Again, this is a great service already!


    My personal wishlist for the features WooTickets should have:

    Cross-Event-Controlled Ticketing. See https://theeventscalendar.com/support/forums/topic/sell-ticket-across-different-events/ for details

    Shortcodes for each Ticket to handle one ticket across different language events/pages.


    @Jerome no problem at all, the more ideas the better 🙂

    @Patrick thanks – I’ll get those logged.


    As suggested: We’d like to have an option to enter the name and surname of attendees (same ammount of fields should be visible as ordered) while the ticket purchasing process. See https://theeventscalendar.com/support/forums/topic/link-attendee-name-to-each-ticket/#post-28913 for more detail.


    Thanks Patrick, better attendee management does seem to be something a number of users have asked about.

    Philippe Braun

    As described here https://theeventscalendar.com/support/forums/topic/repeating-events-again/ having repeating events (one of Event Calendar Pro’s main selling features) integrated in WooTicket would help us, our client and (my guess) quite a few other potential clients enormously. Currently, this is not only simply nearly unusable – at least I can’t imagine anyone having repeating events using one single ticket – it also prevents us from using repeating events at all, forcing us to create ~600 events (all variations of 3 events) manually in the next few days.


    There is definitely interest in this from a number of users and I’ve made sure that your thoughts have been logged in our issue tracker.

    At this point in time my understanding is that integration of recurring events and ticketing would be quite complex and so no final decisions have been taken as to whether we might see this in a future version or not.

    We definitely appreciate your taking the time to note your feelings and the reasons for wanting this feature, though, as it is a crucial gauge of interest.


    Being able to set a custom confirmation email for individual tickets would be a very useful feature for me.


    Hi Christian: that’s an interesting idea – how do you see that working?


    I remember event espresso had something similar.
    I think it was just a field you could fill out on the event page and a tick box to tell it to use the custom email rather than the default.

    I’ve looked into this a little further and I think I can pull it off by creating a custom field and modifying the woocommerce email template.

    Also thought of another feature I’d like – Membership integration. So that members would have access to different prices and tickets.


    Some initial thoughts. A really nice plug-in, great job guys!
    The ability to create tickets for recurring events in a couple ways (I know nothing is simple)…
    1. To sell the same tickets throughout the recurring events. So they could be either be a single ticket for all dates in recurring event or each date having their own ticket. For example a 6 session exercise class that you can buy all six sessions or a per session drop-in ticket.
    2. Sell different tickets for each session of a recurring event. Yes you can enter then sessions as individual events but if they are part of a series, it’s useful to see the series as a recurring event.
    Right I want it all (yesterday) :)!
    Thanks and Best of Luck.


    I’ve looked into this a little further and I think I can pull it off by creating a custom field and modifying the woocommerce email template.

    Yep, I’m sure some custom programming could realize this, I’m unsure how widely this would be used – but it’s interesting to hear that Event Espresso do this.

    Also thought of another feature I’d like – Membership integration.

    Solid idea: I wonder though if there is an existing WooCommerce extension that would help here.

    For example a 6 session exercise class that you can buy all six sessions or a per session drop-in ticket.

    Excellent idea; I’m unsure how quickly this (recurring event support) will be produced as it may require some significant re-engineering but it’s definitely something we’re keen to implement if possible.


    We’ll be adding a membership component once the tickets and a very small product store is added. Current plan is to use either the Groups or Wishlist Member Woo plug-ins. Will let you know how it goes.

    I did test the recurring in a couple configs as is and did have consistency with same ticket type for each session in recurring event(entering ticket when event set up). Know you aren’t advertising that but wanted to see how it behaved. In the meantime are using individual events to sell groups and drop-ins b/c attendee list is a don’t care for now. That is the real complexity… managing that attendee list if you need it.


    Hi Barry,
    An enhancement I’d like to see is limiting the number of ticket types that can be sold in a particular order. For example, for our events, we sell full-price adult tickets to our hearts content but we want to limit the number of reduced (child/student) tickets per order.

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