The Events Calendar/PRO/Add-ons 3.10: things to be aware of

Our upcoming launch of version 3.10 for The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO + all add-ons is a big release: all of our plugins are seeing updates, and there were more tickets in this release cycle than we’ve had in a very long time. As a result, there are a number of changes — more than usual — to be aware of in this release.

We’ve done a lot of restructuring here; as a result, this blog post on how to handle deprecated notices is probably worth a review before you update. From there here are some specific changes to be aware of in version 3.10:

1. Events Calendar PRO’s Week View has been rebuilt. While there aren’t many changes as far as the frontend is concerned, Week View has been refactored substantially and certain functions were deprecated. We’ve been publicizing our blog post on the matter in the days leading up to launch, but check it out before updating if you haven’t seen it already.

2. Month view caching has been implemented as an optional setting. In an attempt to address performance issues some users were facing with month view (usually related to a high number of events taking place during a given month), we’ve introduced a setting to enable month view HTML transient caching. A detailed writeup has been published in the knowledgebase and you’re definitely going to want to review it before you enable this setting.

3. Tooltips have been updated to use the tribe_events_schedule_details() function. While we tested thoroughly to ensure backwards compatibility is addressed, users may still see minor formatting issues.

4. The activation routine for The Events Calendar + Events Calendar PRO have been streamlined. There are now new activation and deactivation routines for core and PRO. In addition, capabilities are now removed on deactivation and Updater and Deactivation classes will be used for activation/deactivation functionalities.

5. Recurring events in Events Calendar PRO are now processed in batches. Recurring events will be processed in batches to avoid timeouts for series’ with a high event count.

6. In List View, we’ve improved the efficiency of tribe_has_next_event() and tribe_has_previous_event(). We’ve reduced the volume of queries required to build list view in many cases.

7. Timezone conversion in Eventbrite Tickets is now optional. This has been a big pain point for certain members of the community, and we’re stoked to introduce a change that should help. Timezone conversion when importing from Eventbrite can now be disabled per event!

8. PRO’s Additional Fields functionality now includes a “Text Area” option. We’d heard some demand for this, and it seemed like a good call:  additional fields now have a new “textarea” type that can be used when necessary. Sweet!

9. More widget shortcodes have been ported over from Event Rocket. Barry’s experimental plugin Event Rocket has been popular with some of our users, and they wanted to see the shortcode functionality he built ported over. We started last release with the calendar widget shortcode; now, by popular demand, all the PRO widgets can be embedded within posts using a shortcode (this includes the countdown, featured venue and advanced list widgets). For an overview of how to use these, check out our knowledgebase post on the matter.

10. The “Event”/”Events” labels can now be globally overridden. Some folks don’t find the word “event” or “events” necessarily fits the type of occurrences their site may feature; with 3.10, that’s no longer an issue. The filters to override can be found at this Gist.

11. We’re calling out performance considerations in month view more prominently.  Directly beneath the “Month view events per day” setting, you’ll see a link to this knowledgebase article covering performance considerations in month view.

12. The Advanced Post Manager (filters + columns) has been removed from Events Calendar PRO but still be used as a standalone plugin. Advanced Post Manager is the option for filters + columns that appears above the backend events list on your WordPress site. This code is difficult to modify as part of the PRO codebase, and felt like feature bloat alongside the core functionality of this plugin. So we stripped it out. If you relied on the APM functionality, though, don’t fret: we’ve updated the standalone Advanced Post Manager on the repo for the first time since 2013, to ensure it works with Events Calendar PRO 3.10. Download and install Advanced Post Manager 3.10, install it alongside Events Calendar PRO 3.10 (it won’t work with The Events Calendar only; PRO is needed); and voila! We’ve even got a guide that should help you out if you get stuck. You’re back in business.

13. A number of files have changed or been moved in The Events Calendar, PRO + most add-ons. Notably, all the /views folders are now located within the /src folder. In addition, we saw these specific files change:

  • The Events Calendar: 
    • /views/day/single-event.php
    • /views/list/nav.php
    • /views/list/single-event.php
    • /views/modules/meta/details.php
    • /views/modules/meta/map.php
    • /views/modules/meta/venue.php
    • /views/modules/address.php
    • /views/modules/bar.php
    • /views/modules/map.php
    • /views/modules/meta.php
    • /views/month/loop-grid.php
    • /views/month/mobile.php
    • /views/month/single-day.php
    • /views/month/single-event.php
    • /views/month/tooltip.php
    • /views/tickets/email.php
    • /views/widgets/list-widget.php
    • /views/day.php
    • /views/list.php
    • /views/month.php
    • /views/single-event.php
  • Events Calendar PRO:
    • Week View has been totally refactored; please see this article for more information
    • /views/pro/modules/meta/additional-fields.php
    • /views/pro/widgets/mini-calendar/list.php
    • /views/pro/photo/single-event.php
    • /views/pro/widgets/mini-calendar/single-day.php
    • /views/pro/widgets/modules/single-event.php
    • /views/pro/map/single-event.php
    • /views/pro/widgets/list-widget.php
    • /views/pro/widgets/mini-calendar-widget.php
    • /views/pro/photo/loop.php
    • /views/pro/photo/nav.php
    • /views/pro/widgets/venue-widget.php
    • /views/pro/map/nav.php
    • /views/pro/map.php
    • /views/pro/photo.php
    • /views/pro/related-events.php
    • /views/pro/single-organizer.php
    • /views/pro/single-venue.php
  • WooCommerce Tickets:
    • /views/wootickets/tickets.php
  • EDD Tickets:
    • /views/eddtickets/tickets.php
  • Eventbrite Tickets:
    • ALL files have changed!
  • Community Events:
    • ALL files have changed!

And there you have it. Users have told us that they like to see this list of high level changes to be aware of, so they can prepare their sites for update accordingly. We hope this serves you, too. If there’s anything we missed or that you think is important enough to get more explanation in this blog post, let us know and we’ll clarify as best we can.

Happy updating!