Release: Events 3.0.3 / Events Pro 3.0.5 / WooCommerce Tickets 3.0.2

Last week we released a small set of updates to address bugs that impacted The Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO and WooCommerce Tickets. Here’s what came out in our August 1 release:

  • The Events Calendar 3.0.3
  • Events Calendar PRO 3.0.5
  • WooCommerce Tickets 3.0.2

The Events Calendar 3.0.3

  • Changed some SQL that could trigger a MySQL bug involving an infinite loop. See
  • Fixed some bugs with View As dropdown in Tribe Bar, including a bug in Firefox where you couldn’t change the dropdown
  • Removed select2 javascript dependency from front-end

Events Calendar PRO 3.0.5

  • Fixed issue with the ECP stylesheet being enqueued twice
  • Fixed recurring events links in the calendar widget (Thanks to user JANPP for the report!)

WooCommerce Tickets 3.0.2

  • Fixed issue with path to tickets template (thanks to GRANATDESIGN for pointing this one out!)

All other add-ons remain unchanged and at version 3.0.1. We have a substantive August maintenance build coming later this month which will be focused exclusively on bug fixes + improving support documentation. Stay tuned!