Maintenance Release for the Week of 7 January 2018

Welcome to our first Maintenance Release of 2018! If this is your first time getting an update from us remember Maintenance Releases are smaller updates between major releases that are mostly comprised of bug fixes, tweaks, and small but meaningful improvements. We always recommend using a staging site to test these changes before updating on a live site.

To see all of the changes included in this Maintenance Release, check out the changelogs for all updated plugins below:

The Events Calendar 4.6.9

  • Feature – Add new utility functions tribe_is_events_home and tribe_is_events_front_page similar to native WP is_home and is_front_page
  • Fix – Avoid issues when importing multiple organizers that specify images
  • Fix – Make sure latitude and longitude information from iCal feeds is used if available
  • Fix – Fixed an issue that prevented EA from importing images attached to Facebook events
  • Fix – Remove the duplicate filter call that was running twice for tribe_rest_venue_data
  • Fix – Added safety check to avoid errors surrounding the use of count() (our thanks to daftdog for highlighting this issue)
  • Fix – Improved file logger to gracefully handle further file system restrictions (our thanks to Richard Palmer for highlighting further issues here)
  • Tweak – Added new tribe_aggregator_import_event_image, tribe_aggregator_import_venue_image and tribe_aggregator_import_organizer_image filter so that users can control whether, during EA imports, images should be attached to post or not
  • Tweak – Made it possible to translate the iCal feed’s description field (props @gafderks)
  • Tweak – Improved escaping of map IDs (props LucaPipolo)
  • Tweak – Added new REST API endpoint that allows looking up organizers by slug instead of ID at the path organizers/by-slug/{slug}/, it has the same functionality as the endpoint organizers/{ID}
  • Tweak – Added new REST API endpoint that allows looking up venues by slug instead of ID at the path venues/by-slug/{slug}/, it has the same functionality as the endpoint venues/{ID}
  • Tweak – Added slug to the REST API responses for organizer and venue data
  • Tweak – Added slug to the REST API parameters allowed to use when inserting or updating an organizer or event
  • Tweak – Added action: tribe_events_venue_save
  • Tweak – Added action: tribe_events_organizer_save
  • Tweak – Added filter: tribe_events_rest_venue_prepare_postarr
  • Tweak – Added filter: tribe_events_rest_organizer_prepare_postarr
  • Tweak – Old tribe_rest_venue_data filter was passing the venue and the event two the second parameter because of the duplication. Now it has the second parameter as $venue, third parameter as $event if event ID was provided
  • Language – 5 new strings added, 30 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted

The Events Calendar Pro 4.4.21

  • Fix – Modified the plugin’s logic of hiding subsequent recurring events to avoid SQL errors under some conditions (props @garrettjohnson)
  • Tweak – Made the caching of Map View’s geofence data more consistent in terms of when it invalidates; this should improve performance (props to many users reporting details of this issue in the forums!)
  • Tweak – Altered means of displaying the date within the countdown widget’s settings to remove the potential for uncaught exceptions (our thanks to Otto for highlighting this problem)
  • Tweak – Added filter tribe_geoloc_pre_get_min_max_coords to let plugins override the min/max coords logic to avoid hitting MySQL
  • Tweak – Ensure Geo_Loc::get_min_max_coords always returns an array, to prevent potential JS errors for properties that are not defined or a variable that is not an object

Event Tickets 4.6.3

  • Fix – Ensured that only users of the editor or administrator roles can delete, check-in, and undo check-ins on tickets (props to @skamath for reporting this!)
  • Tweak – Addressed some issues where the ticket form would sometimes show up even when all tickets’ end-sale dates had passed (props to @reckling and others for reporting this!)
  • Tweak – Introduced the tribe_tickets_caps_can_manage_attendees filter for customizing what user capabilities are required for managing attendees

Eventbrite Tickets 4.4.9

  • Fix – Fixed broken datepicker fields in the Eventbrite ticket-creation metabox

Not Updated This Release

The following plugins have not been updated this release and will remain at the version numbers specified here:

  • Event Tickets Plus 4.6.2
  • Community Events 4.5.8
  • Community Tickets 4.5.3
  • Image Widget 4.4.7
  • Advanced Post Manager 4.4
  • Filter Bar 4.5.2
  • Image Widget Plus 1.0.2
  • GigPress 2.3.19