Release: WooTickets 1.0

Hot on the heels of our November maintenance releases yesterday (with Events 2.0.10 leading the charge), this afternoon we want to ease into the weekend with one last bit of excitement: the launch of our WooTickets add-on! As of a few minutes ago, WooTickets 1.0 is out in the wild and available for purchase. If you act quick, you might even be able to kill two birds with one stone and apply today’s 30% off discount towards it…

In terms of documentation, the place to start would probably be our WooTickets New User Primer. (Right now it’s just text, but early next week we’ll add the video tutorials as well). We’ve got Jonah from our support team hard at work on the WooTickets hooks/filter documentation, which will be published Monday or Tuesday.┬áMake sure you’ve also read the readme.txt file bundled with the plugin as it may shed some light on how to best get your questions answered. Lastly, we’ve got a brand new WooTickets forum here on the site where our support staff is waiting to help you out.

Now that the final touches have been put on the plugin and it’s passed all our QA tests, we didn’t want to delay any further…there are a lot of folks eagerly awaiting this add-on and we figured it’d be nice to give them through the weekend to begin playing around with it. We’ll be promoting it more actively come the new week…but are excited to see how the early adapters who snag a copy today or tomorrow like what they see.

Remember, you’ll need at least The Events Calendar 2.0.10 AND the latest version of WooCommerce to get this running properly. Thanks to everyone for their support and interest so far!

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  1. Sorry, having a hard time with the you must be a customer to post in the pre-sales forum, so maybe someone can help me here.

    Let’s say I run a kayak tour business. We offer classes as well as daily tours. Could I use WooTickets, Events Calendar Pro and WooCommerce to list my classes and tours as events? Is this a prime use case for this plugin combo?

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