Event Tickets 5.0



Feature Release

Event Tickets 5.0 features a refresh to RSVPs.

The entire front-end interface has been refreshed and includes a unified design in block and classic editing modes.

đŸ“Ĩ Installation

A number of template files have been updated in this release. Please check if you have customized versions of any of the templates down below and be sure to back up your site and database before installing this update.

✨ New

New features included in this release:

We’ve introduced a refined look and experience for RSVPs! If you’re installing Event Tickets for the first time, you will get the new look right away. Those of you already using Event Tickets can opt-in to the new interface. This new design is consistent in both the Classic and Block editors so you have a better visual when creating RSVPs in either one.

✅ Fixed


Bugs that were squashed in this release:

  • The Event Tickets Plus [tribe_tickets] shortcode no longer double-renders the Tickets block when using the Classic Editor. The issue was caused by setting a global $post within \Tribe\Tickets\Events\Attendees_List::should_hide_optout(), which was called via the tribe_tickets_plus_hide_attendees_list_optout filter.
  • We replaced out usage of MultiByte when it’s not available, using tribe_strtoupper instead of mb_strtoupper and mb_detect_encoding.
  • We added IE11 compatibility for the toggle styles using the tribe-common-form-control-toggle CSS class.

⚙ī¸ Developers

New or updated hooks

Refer to our DevDocs.


ℹī¸ Changes

We made a few changes you should know about:

  • We removed unused HTML files in the plugin root folder that were there to reference our data collection policy. This information is now included in the WordPress’ Privacy Guide at /wp-admin/privacy-policy-guide.php.
  • We improved regular expressions used to parse UTC timezones by removing non-required grouping and characters.


⚠ī¸ Templates


The following templates have been updated in this release:

  • v2/components/fields/birth
  • v2/components/fields/checkbox
  • v2/components/fields/datetime
  • v2/components/fields/email
  • v2/components/fields/number
  • v2/components/fields/radio
  • v2/components/fields/select
  • v2/components/fields/telephone
  • v2/components/fields/text
  • v2/components/fields/url
  • v2/components/loader/loader
  • v2/rsvp-kitchen-sink/form-going
  • v2/rsvp-kitchen-sink/form-not-going
  • v2/rsvp
  • v2/rsvp/actions
  • v2/rsvp/actions/success
  • v2/rsvp/actions/success/title
  • v2/rsvp/actions/success/toggle
  • v2/rsvp/ari
  • v2/rsvp/ari/form
  • v2/rsvp/ari/form/buttons
  • v2/rsvp/ari/form/error
  • v2/rsvp/ari/form/fields
  • v2/rsvp/ari/form/fields/email
  • v2/rsvp/ari/form/fields/meta
  • v2/rsvp/ari/form/fields/name
  • v2/rsvp/ari/form/guest-template
  • v2/rsvp/ari/form/guest
  • v2/rsvp/ari/form/template/fields
  • v2/rsvp/ari/form/template/title
  • v2/rsvp/ari/form/title
  • v2/rsvp/ari/sidebar/guest-list
  • v2/rsvp/ari/sidebar/guest-list/guest-template
  • v2/rsvp/ari/sidebar/guest-list/guest
  • v2/rsvp/ari/sidebar/quantity/input
  • v2/rsvp/details/availability
  • v2/rsvp/details/availability/days-to-rsvp
  • v2/rsvp/details/availability/remaining
  • v2/rsvp/details/availability/unlimited
  • v2/rsvp/form/buttons
  • v2/rsvp/form/fields/email
  • v2/rsvp/form/fields/name
  • v2/rsvp/form/fields/quantity
  • v2/rsvp/form/form
  • v2/rsvp/messages/error
  • v2/rsvp/messages/success
  • v2/rsvp/messages/success/going
  • v2/rsvp/messages/success/not-going

đŸ—Ŗ Translations

The following language updates are included in this release:

  • 14 new strings
  • 54 updated strings
  • 3 fuzzied strings
  • 3 obsoleted strings

See Event Tickets translations in the WordPress Plugin Directory.