Event Tickets 4.11.5

Howdy friends! Today’s Event Tickets release focuses on Shared Capacity as well as an enhanced integration with our email notification platform, Promoter.

This is a minor release that should be smooth sailing when updating. That said, it’s always a good idea to backup your site and test changes in a development environment before installing this on your live site, as you would with any other WordPress update. There are indeed changes to a few view templates in this release (see below), so you will want to compare those to any customizations you have made to them before updating.

Here are the detailed changes included in this release:

  • Feature – We now include opt-in integration for our data collection tool, Freemius.
  • Fix – We’re preventing unintentionally cleared global capacity settings when saving events and posts while the Block Editor is enabled.
  • Fix – We now save the updated shared capacity for events and posts if the argument is passed to the REST API endpoint for a Tribe Commerce ticket.
  • Fix – We’re making sure that changing unlimited ticket to be a shared capacity ticket properly overrides the empty individual capacity setting to the shared capacity setting for Tribe Commerce.
  • Fix – Users started to receive false sold out notices on the front end because of a mixup when tickets with unlimited capacity and fixed capacity were together on the same event. We’re now preventing the ticket capacity from showing a sold out message when there are an unlimited number of tickets or RSVPs alongside shared capacity tickets… that is, unless it really is sold out.
  • Fix – The quantity allowed in a single “add to cart” action is now limited to 100 tickets or RSVPs in a single purchase. This can be changed to a custom limit using tribe_tickets_get_ticket_max_purchase)as a filter.
  • Fix – We’ve corrected the displayed quantity of tickets available in the Attendees Report admin screen. It was forcing the formatted number string (e.g. 2,000) to an integer (e.g. 2). Tickets with available quantities greater than 999 were the only ones affected. Anything with less inventory or set to unlimited were unaffected.
  • Fix – Safari users noticed the ticket quantity would jump around when attempting to increase the number of tickets for purchase. We’ve made it so the ticket quantity in the tickets block doesn’t move when it gets to the maximum available tickets.
  • Fix – Our email notification platform, Promoter, makes reaching attendees easy. Now if an attendee ticket is updated, deleted, moved or checked-in, your Promoter integration will reflect those changes. We increased a range of actions that trigger changes on Promoter with a WP_Post instance or using an ID. This gives Promoter more accurate information about events and attendees while opening up new possibilities for triggered actions.
  • Tweak – Event Tickets now notifies Promoter of changes when tickets are moved to other Events.
  • Tweak – We’ve improved compatibility between Tribe Commerce and Promoter by extending the actions that notify Promoter of Attendee modifications.
  • Tweak – Added filters: tribe_tickets_integrations_should_load_freemius, tribe_tickets_get_ticket_default_max_purchase
  • Plugin Hookshttps://docs.theeventscalendar.com/reference/since/event.tickets4.11.5/
  • Language4 new strings added, 47 updated, 2 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted
  • Stability Huzzah! We don’t want to exterminate bugs. We’d much rather prevent bugs from happening here at all. We’ve added in a shocking amount of automated tests to keep those pesky bugs away. After lots of counting, we added 153 new tests (831 total) and 411 new assertions (2,472 total assertions).

Updated Views

Remember, updated views can have an impact on any customizations you may have made to them. Please check that any customizations to the following templates have been integrated with the updated versions before installing this update.

  • blocks/rsvp/form/attendee-meta
  • blocks/rsvp/form/details
  • blocks/rsvp/form/quantity-input
  • blocks/rsvp/form/quantity
  • blocks/tickets/extra-available
  • blocks/tickets/quantity-number
  • tickets/rsvp
  • tickets/tpp