Maintenance Release for the Week of 17 June 2019

Good day, we just pushed updates for The Events Calendar, Event Tickets, Community Events, and Community Tickets.

We’re thrilled to get the latest versions in your hands because we’ve added a bunch of new shortcodes for Community Events and Community Tickets. This is exciting news because the shortcodes extend the forms and pages of the plugins so you can use them within other WordPress pages and posts. It’s like taking the baked in features for submitting events, making edits, and viewing attendee reports and being able to plop them anywhere on your site! Just one more way we’re working hard to make calendaring easier and more flexible for you. ✨

Check out the new Attendee Report and Sales Report features in Community Tickets. Previously, these ticket management tools were only available by logging in to the WordPress dashboard. Now you have a way to drop them into any WordPress page or post! To help you find the shortcode you need, we’ve made a list of them all, complete with examples of how to use them.

And finally, we’re starting to work on our YouTube channel to build an archive of helpful video tutorials for using all of our plugins. We’ve already posted a few new videos for Event Tickets for you to enjoy:

As a reminder, Maintenance Releases like these are smaller updates between major updates and are mostly comprised of bug fixes, tweaks, and small, but meaningful, improvements.

That was a lot to cover! To see all of the changes included this Maintenance Release, check out the changelogs for all updated plugins below:

The Events Calendar

  • Fix – We added more safeguards against fatal errors when attempting to run an incompatible version of The Events Calendar alongside a modern version of Event Tickets (and vice versa). This should make future updates a lot more stable and give you more confidence that running an update won’t bork your site.
  • Fix – If you are using Promoter with Firefox, you probably experienced a ginormous Promoter logo in the WordPress admin. Whoops! We pulled out our measuring tape and adjusted accordingly so we’re not all up in your face.

Event Tickets

  • Fix – This is the same deal as The Events Calendar, where we’ve added more safeguards to ensure it and Event Tickets won’t trip all over each other if incompatible versions are running in tandem. Safe updates, FTW!
  • Fix – The same Promoter logo explosion in The Events Calendar was addressed here as well. Sorry, Firefox friends!

Community Events 4.6.2

  • FeatureAll new shortcode! And it’s a doozy. Place [tribe_community_events] in any WordPress page or page to embed the Community Events submission form, the “My Events” page, and event, organizer and venue editing forms on posts and pages.
  • Feature – Deleting events from the “My Events” page is now done via AJAX. No, that’s not a sink cleaner, but it does load data onto the page without reloading the entire thing. That saves you a few extra seconds of life you can use for something more enjoyable, like a breath of fresh air.
  • Fix – Some of the controls for recurring events were showing up on the submission form when they shouldn’t on mobile devices. We’ve sprinkled some fertilizer on them and now they sprout when they’re actually needed.
  • Fix – It was pointed out to use that the “Submit” button on the event editing screen would be more correct if it said “Update” instead. We checked with the grammar police and they agreed, so we made the change.
  • Fix – If you were using Event Tickets, Event Tickets Plus, and Community Events together, the license field at EventsSettingsLicenses decided to take a vacation and disappear. We tracked it down and put it back to work. And yes, we suspended its pay as a result.
  • Fix – We tweaked some code to be sure users can still submit events to a calendar anonymously. No big brother watching in those cases.
  • Fix – Our Themer’s Guide walks you through how to customize the look of our plugins, and one of the ways is to use CSS overrides. However, Community Events wasn’t loading the default plugin stylesheet with those overrides, which makes things look…not…so…good. We corrected the way we implement custom styles so that they are applied in addition to our base styles, rather than instead of them. We’ve duly noted the difference between addition and subtraction.
  • Fix – We found out that we weren’t properly notifying you when The Events Calendar was deactivated while Community Events is active. Community Events needs The Events Calendar to work, so we fixed the notification.
  • Tweak – Smaller plugin file sizes mean faster website load time and we’ve trimmed the size of Community Events by removing unnecessary .po files in favor of directing anyone creating or editing local translations to
  • Tweak – We did a little summer cleaning around the layout styles for the ticket controls on smallish™ screens.
  • Tweak – Oh hey, the “My Events” page now lists events by start date by default instead of submitted date.
  • Tweak – Who likes new filters?! We do!
    • tribe_ce_my_events_query_orderby
    • tribe_ce_my_events_query_order
    • tribe_events_community_list_page_template_include
    • tribe_events_community_submission_url
    • tribe_events_community_shortcode_nav_link
    • tribe_community_events_list_columns_blocked
    • tribe_events_community_add_event_label
    • tribe_community_events_list_display_button_text
    • Added comment blocks to all filters in the doMyEvents function
  • Tweak – And, we’ve added more actions:
    • tribe_ce_event_submission_login_form
    • tribe_events_community_before_shortcode
    • tribe_community_events_shortcode_before_list_navigation
    • tribe_community_events_shortcode_after_list_navigation_buttons
    • tribe_community_events_shortcode_before_list_table
    • tribe_community_events_shortcode_after_list_table
  • Tweak – Heads up, customizers! A few templates have been updated in this release, so check your overrides for the following before updating:
    • community/event-list-shortcode
    • community/event-list
    • community/modules/delete
    • community/modules/submit
  • Tweak – We removed the tribe_events_community_stylesheet_url filter. It never really worked the way we wanted to anyway, so we told it to get off our lawn.
  • Language – 13 new strings added, 96 updated, 2 fuzzied, and 9 obsoleted

Community Tickets 4.6.2

  • Feature – Heck yeah, new shortcodes! Now you can embed the “Attendees List” and the “Sales Report” on posts and pages throughout WordPress.
  • Feature – We threw in an option to not charge fees on tickets, making it possible to create free tickets.
  • Feature – There are now a couple of new options to set fees on tickets: flat fee per ticket and flat percentage fee per ticket. Please charge responsibly. 🤑
  • Fix – We fixed the same thing as Community Events where the licenses field decided to go MIA in the plugin settings.
  • Fix – We found an instance where we hardcoded the currency symbols in the ticket payment options. We’ve told some jokes at our own expense and are now correctly letting WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads override those settings as they should.
  • Fix – Community Tickets will now notify you on activation or deactivation of Event Tickets and The Events Calendar. That’s because, well, Community Tickets kinda needs those to work.
  • Tweak – The grammar police raided our joint and made us use clearer labels for fee options to match their specific functions.
  • Tweak – We yanked out the same load of .po files from the plugin to make the overall size of the plugin slimmer, just in time for beach season. 🌴
  • Tweak – Some new filters were added:
    • tribe_events_css_version
    • tribe_community_events_tickets_get_options
    • tribe_get_single_option
    • tribe_community_tickets_attendees_show_title
  • Tweak – We’ve got new actions as well:
    • tribe_events_tickets_attendees_event_details_top
    • tribe_tickets_attendees_event_details_list_top
    • tribe_tickets_attendees_event_details_list_bottom
    • tribe_community_tickets_attendees_do_event_action_links
    • tribe_community_tickets_attendees_event_details_bottom
    • tribe_events_tickets_attendees_ticket_sales_top
    • tribe_events_tickets_attendees_ticket_sales_bottom
    • tribe_events_tickets_attendees_totals_top
    • tribe_tickets_attendees_totals
    • tribe_events_tickets_attendees_totals_bottom
    • tribe_community_tickets_attendees_event_summary_table_after
  • Tweak – Heads up, customizers! These templates were updated, so check your overrides of the following templates before updating:
    • community-tickets/modules/orders-report-after-organizer
    • community-tickets/modules/payment-options
    • community-tickets/modules/shortcode-attendees
  • Language – 17 new strings added, 47 updated, 2 fuzzied, and 5 obsoleted

Not Updated This Release

The following plugins have not been updated this release and will remain at the version numbers specified here: