Just starting out with Event Tickets or Event Tickets Plus? These steps will help you get set up and ready to rock. Follow the links for detailed tutorials.

  1. Download and install the plugin. You can download and use the core tickets plugin, Event Tickets, for free. If you have purchased a license for Event Tickets Plus, you’ll need to install and activate both the core and Plus plugins.If you want to use Event Tickets with our free calendar plugin, The Events Calendar, you can download and activate that too. We have a whole separate primer to help first-time users of The Events Calendar.
  2. If you’ve just purchased Event Tickets Plus, the license key will be automatically added for you. Just in case you don’t have the license activated, see our guide on how to input your license key. The plugin will work without the license key, but you’ll need it for automatic updates when a new version is released. Need updates on both your dev site and your live site? We’ve got you covered.
  3. The next step is to configure your settings for Event Tickets. There aren’t many, but they are important to configure before using any of the Tickets functionality.
  4. If you are using Event Tickets Plus, you’ll also need an e-commerce plugin installed, active, and configured. Tickets Plus currently supports WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Both e-commerce plugins will have its own settings which should be configured before you start accepting ticket sales. Review our tips for configuring each plugin.
  5. If you’re using Event Tickets, you can now add basic RSVP functionality to your posts, pages, and events. With Event Tickets 5.2.0 and above you can turn on the Tickets Commerce functionality to sell tickets using a PayPal Business account. Event Tickets Plus users can take full control of the event ticketing process using your favorite e-commerce provider. Learn how to create tickets and collect sales, as well as using RSVPs.Due to PayPal’s limits, tickets cannot have a price of 0.  Please use the RSVP functionality for free options.
  6. If you have Event Tickets Plus, you have the options of requiring people who purchase tickets or RSVP to fill out an attendee information form. You can configure these forms for each type of ticket when you create it.
  7. Before the RSVPs and/or ticket sales start rolling in, you’ll want to learn how to manage orders and attendees.

If you run into trouble or need help, you can head to our troubleshooting page or post to our help desk. Event Tickets users can post in our open-source forum on WordPress.org. You can also explore our Knowledgebase for tutorials, tips, walkthroughs, and more.