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The Events Calendar Tweaks

๐Ÿ‘‹ Note: This extension is only compatible with the updated V2 views, which were introduced in The Events Calendar 5.0. You can enable the updated views under Events โ†’ Settings โ†’ Display โ†’ Use updated calendar designs.

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This extension is a collection of tweaks and snippets for The Events Calendar. Some of these already exist in the form of a snippet in our knowledgebase or as a separate extension. The Events Calendar Extension: Tweaks brings them all together reducing the need to tamper with you functions.php file or having to have several separate extensions.

When the extension is activated it will add a Tweaks tab under Events โ†’ Settings where you can control them individually.

If you are already using some of the referenced extensions or snippets it is recommended to remove / disable them in order to avoid any conflicts or weird behavior.

Here’s the list of tweaks provided by this extension with a link to their source:

Disable “Recent Past Events”

In The Events Calendar 5.1.0 we introduced โ€œRecent Past Eventsโ€. When there are no upcoming events to display in the calendar a list of the most recent past events will show up instead. You can remove that list with this setting.

Remove event end time

With this the end time of an event will no longer display if they end on the same day. You can enable this separately for the List and Day views, the recent past events list, the tooltip in Month and Week (Pro) views, as well as on the event page itself.

Source: Remove the Event End Time in Views

Hide tooltip in Month view

This will remove the tooltip /event details popup from Month view. (It doesn’t hide it in Week view.)

Source: Hiding Tooltips in Month and Week View

Hide past events in Month view

Past events will not be shown any more in Month view when this is enabled.

Source: Hide Past Events in Month View

Hide event time in Month view

Enabling this will hide the start and end time of the events in Month view.

Remove ‘Archives:’ from the calendar page title

The page template of some themes will add “Archives:” to the page title making it “Archives: Events” for the calendar page. This will try to remove “Archives:” from the calendar page title.

Source: Removing “Archives” From the Calendar Page Title

Show past events in reverse order

The calendar’s List and Photo (Pro) views show past events in chronological order by default. That means the oldest events are displayed first and get newer as you go. Enable this if you would like to show the events in reverse order, where the newest events are displayed first.

Source: Showing Past Events in Reverse Order

Remove links pointing to events

The option will remove the links from events so that users cannot click on them. This way, users cannot visit single events pages. Can be set for all views separately.

Source: Remove Links from Events

Change “Free” in the ticket cost

When you enter a price or a price range for an event and it is or starts with zero (0), then on the front-end it will show up as “Free” by default. With this setting you can change that to show what you want.

Source: Change โ€œFreeโ€ to โ€œ0โ€ in the Ticket Cost

Custom URL for “All Events”

When you are looking at the page of an event you have a link at the top pointing back to “All Events”, your main calendar page (https://domain.com/events by default). Changing that URL can be useful when your main calendar page is not the default one.

Disable REST API for The Events Calendar

Does what is says, it will disable the REST API for The Events Calendar and its add-ons.


  • Version 1.0.0
    • June 11, 2020
    • Initial release

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