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Events Calendar Pro 2.0 Update

As you may have seen last month, we’ve been ramping up production of Events Calendar Pro 2.0 this summer and today marks the end to our second round of beta testing. Big thanks to all the participants (truly making up a range of folks building completely different websites all around the world) who have given us some solid feedback to work off as we keep moving towards our September launch.

Our next step at this point: jumping into the feedback those individuals have provided and working through it over the coming two weeks to iron out the remaining bugs. We’ve also got our own list of must-haves to hit, the next major milestone on that being ensuring a smooth upgrade & event migration process across the board. From there we’ll move into tightening up Events Tickets Pro so both it and ECP are ready to go right out the gate.

What’s coming

We’ve got some features of all shapes & sizes in the works for ECP 2.0 that we think are pretty cool, including:

  • Recurring events
  • Configurable (custom) meta fields
  • Significant upgrades to the templating system
  • Event tagging
  • Upgraded maps to Javascript API V3
  • Backend map preview (when creating events)
  • Add-on plugins for tickets sales (ETP), frontend event submissions (community events) & more

We’ll be releasing both a paid (“pro”) version of the plugin along with an open source (“lite”) version that will serve to replace its now unsupported counterpart The Events Calendar. You can expect more details on both releases in the coming weeks and months. Your best bet for hearing about those — as well as beta testing opportunities and other promotions and product news — is to either sign up with your email address on the form below (we won’t spam you) or monitor the ECP support forums. Don’t forget to also check out our release notes, which is updated with each new release and features answers to some of the more common questions that come up regarding the plugin.

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  2. Hello,

    I hope that I can make with it some Sub Catogories, because I have much events over 1000 Events at th moment.

    and I don’t see that I can use 1.3.2
    And I hope that 2.0 is Compatible to the lite Version.

    1. Hi Marcus,

      1.3.2 has sub categories as does 2.0. You can upgrade (with a hint of effort) from the open source version to the pro version today, or you can do it from the 2.0 lite to 2.0 pro.

      With that number of events, you will really appreciate the new filters and columns feature we just built for the events list on the admin. This will let you filter all you events by any meta you like (date range, venue, organizer, price …)

  3. I’m excited to see that you are adding repeated events. We’ve been using the calendar pro now for a year and it’s the best one out, but our main problem as a restaurant would be having to re-enter each event that happens each we over and over.

    I would love to beta the new plugin for 2.0 if possible and leave feedback.

  4. Hi Michael, thanks for the note — great to hear this is in line with what you’re going for. Our most recent round of the beta has unfortunately closed, but if you want to send me an email (rob at shaneandpeter dot com) I can add you to the list of interested parties so if another opens in the coming weeks, you’ll be included. Thanks!

  5. Any chance you’ll be adding a way for site users to filter through the events by city, organizer,venue, or category? This is crucial for the project I’m working on. I’m working with ECP 1.3 and I’ve had no luck doing this…am I missing something?

    Keep up the great work!

  6. Hi again Carlos. It’s quite possible — we are working on a few items related to that behind the scenes. I can’t guarantee anything like this will make it into the first round of 2.0 but there’s a good chance of it coming down the road. Stay tuned.

  7. When are you anticipating releasing this? I was starting to evaluate ECP when I saw you’re taking it out of production.

    I’ve got several clients that would love a plugin like this ASAP.

    I joined the email list. Will I get a note when it drops? Can you tell I’m excited?

  8. Hi there Adam. We’re as of now aiming for a 9/20 release, and so far we’re on track to hit that. ECP will remain in production…it’ll just be a new and improved version.

    New users or existing users of the 1.3.x release who subscribe to the mailing list will get a discount for upgrading when the time comes. You will definitely get a note letting you know more about release date, etc. as we move closer to launch.

    Thanks for the interest. I share your excitement 🙂

  9. Currently I have this running on two WP sites. The first worked ok the second had an issue when running wp-ecommerce at the same time. I found a fix to get it working again but there are still alot of issues. I am currently in search of using something different because sync with facebook events is very important to the end user. I heard but cannot find that sync with FB will be part of 2.0. Can you verify? If so maybe I’ll hold out and keep using it the way it is for now.

    1. Charles,
      What was your fix for getting this to work with WP-Ecommerce?

  10. Hi Charles, thanks for the note. We’re planning a couple of Facebook-related integration items and they’re on our broader roadmap for 2.0 (not sure what exactly you meant on the sync front), but not sure yet whether those will be making it into the initial release or a subsequent 2.x release. Will keep folks posted one way or another on that as we know more…best way to keep on top of it would be to subscribe to the newsletter using the link above. Let me know if you need anything else on this front.

  11. Ok thanks for the update Rob, Seems like from what you just said, not only will it most likely not be coming any time soon. Sync with Facebook events is already available in other plugins (like simple facebook connect). Looks like I’ll just have to go back to testing one of those and just let the end user know this is not the solution she needs. That way I can quit trying to fix all the issues in 1.6.5 and go back to looking for the final solution. I hate to hear that since the rest of the plugin has great ideas, I just wish it worked right and would currently or soon include the ability to either import events from facebook or push them from the plugin to a facebook event. Cheers and good luck with 2.0!

  12. I’m very excited for this new release! Especially the ability to have visitors add events to a community calendar.

    In an attempt to have a comprehensive calendar for my community, I’d like to be able to bring events from several other site’s calendars into my community calendar automatically. If these other sites publish their events in an RSS feed would I be able to include those events on my community calendar using ECP 2.0?

  13. Hi Guys,

    I’m just wondering if you have any idea of pricing for ECP 2.0 yet?



  14. @Katie: At some point that functionality is likely to be added, but at this stage we don’t have any way of bringing in/displaying outside calendar posts via an RSS feed. I suspect as we build out 2.0 that will change though.

    @Jami: Nothing concrete yet, but it’s looking like licenses will cost $50. Stay tuned for a more official announcement on that in the coming weeks.

  15. Looking forward to the release of this, just signed up for updates and hoping that I get to test the beta version.

    Working on a fairly large site at the moment that will require lots of template customisation for showing lists and events pages and integration with plugins like Advanced Custom Fields and Gravity Forms.

    I’m not a coder, I’m a designer and haven’t been able to find an events plugin that does everything I’d like it to yet, hopefully Events Calendar Pro 2.0 will be the solution for me 🙂

    1. Hey Dale. The plugin will integrate out of the box with the 2011 WP theme, and should be relatively easy to integrate with more custom themes using some of the templating options or the overwrite procedure we have in place. We’re trying to make this version easier to integrate than versions past.

  16. Hi guys,

    I’m writing another book for the startup community, working title “WordPress for Startups” and would like to talk to you about ECP2. Can you email me please?

    1. Hey Bob! Sure, got your Tweet too — will drop you a note this afternoon.

  17. There’s really been quite a void in the events plugin arena, but ECP certainly seems to be racing out in front, especially (IMO) with the addition of front end event additions. (role based I assume?)

    A concern of mine is that I run Thesis on a few sites, and although I heard there is a hack/fix to get ECP to work, I’m wondering if 2.0 will just work with Thesis out of the box, or if not, will the “fix” still do the trick?


    1. Hi Sel. The frontend event additions will be based on settings you configure, but you can definitely have it in place so that all will need to be approved by an admin if you wish.

      No guarantees on the integration with Thesis right out of the box but we do have a new, more flexible templating solution that should make the process smoother.

  18. Hi,

    I would like to use this for my client website, where can I purchase it?

  19. Hey Samuel. You can buy ECP right here: Note that 2.0 hasn’t been released yet…it’s coming in mid-September.

  20. Excited to check out ECP 2.0! Wondering if the option to submit events from the public facing side (via gravity forms)survive the beta test?

    1. Hi David. Yes, we’re making progress on the frontend submissions…I QA’d it today and its not quite at a point where it’s ready for prime time or even behind-the-scenes use…though that may change by the time the beta kicks off on 9/5.

      Either way, this feature will definitely be making it to 2.0 as an add-on.

  21. just in case
    widgets in versoin of old ecp if many one day appts – hover pop up cuts off at top…

    and here is a thought

    i like static pages for seo – granted – i dont understand the ecp construct – but what about allowing events to be linked with pages about the same…. i.e. post sets event up, link to page drop down for additional info ……. it is just a brainstorm…maybe from someone too tired…..

    1. Hi Jason. Are you talking about the free version (The Events Calendar) or PRO? The free version is fairly outdated at this point so the new release will be a total overhaul. The widgets will appear fine in the 2011 theme right off the bat.

      You could probably link from within the individual event listings to a post or page, but there’s nothing in the code to do that automatically.

  22. Oh I really hope

    regular posts can become events by adding a date in ecp 2…you do not know how badly i would need this…for a very groundbreaking and practicl reason

    I also reallyhope that the widget calendar and calendars in general can be filtered by category and we can post more than one calendar……

    both of the above are accomplished in other calendars…

    but i lov eyour calendar for many other reasons –

    if not i would have a hard to make decision…

    1. Jason: regular posts act as events in the current free release (The Events Calendar 1.6.5), but are a custom post type in both versions of 2.0.

      You can filter the widget to display content from all categories or just a given one. On the frontend for the regular calendar you can also click – from within individual entries – to event category loops.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions on this.

  23. Mid-September is exactly tomorrow! I can’t wait to give you fellas my money! Cheers for 2.0!

    1. Hey Gaby! We’re on track to launch 9/20 (next Tuesday). We’ll have more on that as we firm up the details over the next few days. Thanks for your interest and for the words 🙂

      1. Still on for tomorrow for ECP 2.0? Love what we’ve got with the first one, but would love the new functionality on some new sites.

      2. Hi folks! We are posting updates on our Facebook wall Currently it looks hopeful for this week but tomorrow is a big maybe. Still chasing down final bugs and making sure the purchase and licensing process in the store works as expected.

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  26. I am also very excited to upgrade! I am using your Pro 1.3.3 system as the events Calendar for the Victoria Symphony Society – one of Canada’s Premier Symphonys – in my spring redesign for them. We really need recurring events, i was going to hack my own version into the loops/system but have been waiting since I heard of 2.0.

    The moment it launches I’ll be buying multiple versions as i need it for a theatre in Toronto I’m building for as well right now and some other projects. As I do a lot of theatre sites your calendar is the perfect system for me, thanks for the hard work!

    1. Hi Sam. Thanks for the words – sounds like you’ve got a good outline for what you’ll be using 2.0 on. We’re aiming for 9/28 and are on track to hit that…so not long now! Stay tuned and thanks again for your interest. It’s folks like you that keep us pushing on this stuff 🙂

  27. Hi! I’m a happy user of version 1.3.2, except for the fact that I have a multilingual site with qTranslate and the product doesn’t work well with it!

    Maybe there is a patch I’m not aware of. Any idea?

    In any case, will this be fixed for version 2? I’ll be happy to purchase it!

    1. Hey David. We have the option to translate the plugin into different languages, but haven’t tried it with qTranslate yet. Not sure if we’ll have time to fully test that integration before launch but if upon launch you were willing to let us know how it worked, we could make a point of patching any integration bugs for a future release. Let me know if that works. Thanks for your interest!

  28. Thanks Rob! When will v2 be available? Is there a date yet?

  29. Oops! You talk about that in a previous message. 9/28, right?

    1. Yessir! We’re aiming for and are on track to hit a 9/28 launch date. Stay tuned.

  30. Been holding off on installing another Events Calendar plugin or buying 1.3.2 to get a fresh start with 2.0. If not available by 9/28, would appreciate downloading the beta. BTW, on this post about using Gravity Forms with ECP, it says that 2.0 will have that functionality built-in. Will the Gravity Forms (or similar be built-in) or is the article simply referring to the insertion to the functions.php file?

    1. We are working on a “community events” add-on which is slated to come in late october. You will still be able to use an (updated) version of the Gravity Forms hack, or the community events add-on with events 2.0.

  31. I just bought the plugin through codecanyon last week, am I able to download the upgrade or do I have to pay for it again?

    1. Hi Casey, we will be offering a discount to existing users, but yes it is a paid upgrade. I can imagine that is frustrating. We have had a warning up on the code canyon site:

      “Note: Events Calendar PRO will no longer be available on code canyon after 9/30/11. We will continue to support ECP 1.3.3 for all buyers through the end of 2011 on our support forum. For more news on the plugin and on Events Calendar Pro 2.0, visit the support forum and follow us on our fan page or Twitter.”

  32. Hi, a minor question, but I’m wondering whether TEC2.0 will support unique classes for cells with upcoming events in the mini and maxi calendars? It’s been frustrating in the past to only be able to style the text in a cell rather than the cell itself. Also, will there be event categories that can be styled uniquely?

    1. yup, we made the update.

      1. Cool!

        I’ll be buying this, still on track for release tomorrow?

  33. Hi Guys,

    So it’s the 28th.. Any update? I’m really excited and looking forward to this product being released! I do hope that it will be going live today..



  34. Hi Jami/Zac. The best place to watch for updates on the launch status is over at our Facebook page, right here: We’re pushing hard this week to get things finalized. Thanks for your interest & moral support so far…it’s keeping us motivated.

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