The Events Calendar/PRO/Add-ons 3.8: things to be aware of

We started writing these “things to be aware of” posts in earnest as part of the 3.6 release a few months ago. Since it seemed to be well-received by the community, such a post is becoming part of our standard release process going forward. By this point you’re probably already aware of the scope of what changed in the 3.8 codebase — this blog post is meant to expand on that, and specifically make you aware of the significant changes that may have a direct impact on your workflow and/or customizations from the offset.

To save yourself some possible headaches, it’d be a good idea to read (and make sure you fully understand) this blog post before applying the updates. The changelog itself can be found in our release notes blog post or each plugin’s readme.txt file.

1. The tribe_events_query_posts_groupby filter has been deprecated. It was deprecated in favor of wordpress’ built-in posts_groupby. While tribe_events_query_posts_groupby hasn’t been removed from the codebase yet, it is earmarked to be removed in 3.10. Anyone using this filter should switch to using posts_groupby instead.

 2. The list widget now styles recurring events differently. As of 3.8, we’re hiding the divider in the list widget and inheriting the text color from the theme styling. If you’re among the small subset of users who have specifically styled this, there’s a risk that on update the list won’t look very good. This can be fixed by simply updating your CSS to reflect the new change.

3. Chosen has been updated. Chosen, which is used to make select boxes more user friendly, has been updated from version 0.10 to version 1.10 for stability and performance improvements.

4. /upcoming and /past have been removed from list view URLs. Anyone who attempts to visit either of the aforementioned URLs will instead now be redirected to URLs that use /list for both past and upcoming views. Note that as a result the Past Events list will no longer show in reverse order.

Hope this helps! If you’ve got questions or are unclear on the implications of the four items noted above, hit us up in the forums.