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Facebook Event Images not Imported

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    I just finished a migration from a Xylus import plugin to Event Aggregator only to discover this MASSIVE bug! Effecting over 280 imported events on my PRODUCTION site. I need a fix! This makes ME look like shit to my client yet AGAIN because I’ve advocated for using Tribe product.

    I hate to sound dramatic but I continue to be let down repeatedly by bugs in the aggregator product. These bugs have led to delays in roll-out and then egg on MY face when I have to present a half-cocked solution to my client.

    Reporting the same issue as:
    Reporting the same issue as:
    Reporting the same issue as:
    Reporting the same issue as:

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    Hi Mullaney,

    I’m sorry that you’re running into this issue as well, it is one we are aware of and are working on getting resolved. But I do understand your frustration.

    Unfortunately I don’t have a date yet as to when this will be released (although it is listed internally as a higher priority ticket), but as soon as we have an update, we’ll let you know here.

    I’m very sorry that this has caused issues for you with your clients, but we will get it resolved as quickly as we can!

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    I do believe this has been resolved through both some fixes on the Event Aggregator servers as well as a patch. Are there still Event Aggregator import issues or has this problem been resolved? Can you close this issue if the problems have been resolved?

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    Hi there Mullaney,

    This issue has been indeed resolved as part of our maintenance release (for the Week of 7th January 2018)

    As you mention this issue was fixed in the server side so you don’t need to update the plugins for this (although it’s always recommended).

    I’m closing this thread but please open up a new one if you still have troubles with imports,

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