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Don’t allow users to insert events that pass the present date ?

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    Hey, is there a way to block users from inserting events where it’s date is already expired ?


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    Hi again Joao,

    Thanks for your question!

    This is not possible out of the box unfortunately. It is likely possible with some custom development.

    Custom development tasks are outside of our stated scope of support.

    Even so, we’d love to help you if we can. We do need to prioritize requests from other customers right at this time but I’ll certainly flag this with the team and – although we can’t make any promises – if we have time and space to come back and help we’ll be happy to do so.

    In the meantime, if there is any more information you can share (including mocks) that will help us to better understand what you are seeking please do feel free to add them to this ticket.

    If you urgently need help with this, however, you may instead wish to consider working with a suitably skilled developer or designer who can offer the additional level of support you require.

    Thanks for your understanding.


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