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If you’ve read our forum guidelines, you’ll know there are some customizations that are just outside the scope of what we can help with. In an ideal world, where time and resources abound? We’d help everyone with everything, and we’d all sit around the campfire playing guitar and holding hands when all was said and done. But the reality is that there are some requests that Modern Tribe’s support team is not equipped or doesn’t have resources to handle.

In these situations we like to refer folks to outside freelancers + web shops: people we know are legit and have faith passing customers off to. You’ll find a full list of these freelance referral sources below, with links through to their website so you can reach out to whoever you think would be the best fit. Relevant notes regarding minimum project cost/scope are included when appropriate.

None of the above meet your needs or within your budget? You might also want to consider some of the marketplaces out there. A few options to consider:

We hope that, if our support team is unable to help you, one of these fine individuals listed above will be able to. We hold our referral sources to a high standard – if you work with someone on the list above and have concerns about the quality of the work they did, let us know and we’ll reevaluate whether it makes sense to keep them as a referral source. Likewise, if you’re included on the list above but don’t want to be anymore, just give us a shout and we’ll get you removed with haste.

Happy coding!

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