Release: The Events Calendar 4.1 + premium add-ons

Happy New Music Tuesday! However, we don’t release music, so instead we’re happy to let you know that The Events Calendar 4.1 is fresh out of the oven and available right this very second.

This is our first major release of 2016 and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out. In addition to a few tweaks and bug fixes, we’ve packed in a slew of new features you’re sure to enjoy, two of which have been huge requests from many you:

  • Global ticket stock: This gives you the ability to set the total number of tickets for a particular event in Event Tickets Plus and have each sold ticket draw from that pool. In the past, each ticket received its own stock, so this dramatically improves your ability to set a maximum number of tickets for an event while having many types of tickets per event. For example, let’s say you have 100 available seats and two types of tickets, one for adults and one for kids. Instead of setting each ticket type to 50 tickets, you can now set a total amount of tickets for the event and allow each ticket sale to pull from the pool of 100 tickets. Read more about the new global stock feature!
  • Attendee ticket meta: One of the pain points of Event Tickets Plus has been the inability to assign names to tickets. For example, if someone visits your site and purchases 10 tickets in a single transaction, all of those tickets would be assigned to the person making the purchase. Now, your visitors can add a name to each ticket being purchased in addition to a bunch of other custom fields you can define right from the WordPress admin. This is a huge plus for those of you managing events, especially where having additional information on attendees would be helpful, like meal allergies, t-shirt sizes, and whatever other preferences you can imagine. Event planners rejoice! Read more about the new attendee information feature!

These are just the high points of 4.1 and many other new features are included in this release, which we’ll detail below. As always, we do want to urge caution when updating. This is a major release with lots of new features. As such, it can introduce breaking changes, particularly for those who have made customizations to the calendar. We strongly suggest testing all updates in a safe development environment before rolling them into a live site and backing up your files and database before you do. Better safe than sorry!

Now on to what’s new:

The Events Calendar 4.1

  • Feature – Added a tribe_get_venue_website_url() function for fetching Venue website URLs (props to fervorcreative in our forums for this request!)
  • Performance – Lazy-load venue and organizer selector data
  • Tweak – Allow iCal filenames to be filtered via a new filter: tribe_events_ical_feed_filename
  • Tweak – Added a hook to allow single day queries in month view to be filtered: tribe_events_month_daily_events_query_args
  • Tweak – Improved the logic around rebuilding known date ranges
  • Tweak – Always show the “Merge Duplicates” button for venues and organizers in the Events General Settings page
  • Tweak – Allow the “same slug” notice to be dismissed and fix some text in that message
  • Tweak – Ignore alpha/beta/rc suffixes on version numbers when checking template versions
  • Tweak – Add a filter for month view daily events query: tribe_events_month_daily_events_query_args
  • Tweak – Added a more flexible cost range parsing function
  • Tweak – Obfuscate license keys Events > Help > System Information
  • Fix – Fixed a fatal that sometimes occurred when refreshing the import CSV page
  • Fix – Fixed issue where some characters were not escaped appropriately for month and year formats
  • Fix – Added missing tribe-loading@2x.gif
  • Fix – Fixed a warning produced by passing a DateTime() object into start_date or end_date args of tribe_get_events (props to iamhexcoder for the pull request!)
  • Fix – Fixed bug where events in month view were not always sorted in chronological order
  • Fix – Fixed the System Info URL in Events > Help

Events Calendar PRO 4.1

  • Feature – Added a new “Date” recurrence rule that allows you to set an event to recur on a single (or any number of) individually specified dates (hat-tip to @tonydemarco for the idea!)
  • Tweak – Added support for manual timezone offsets in recurrence exclusion rules
  • Tweak – Improved the support of selected query fields when the “Recurring event instances” checkbox in Events > Settings is checked
  • Tweak – Show an error message when the Google Maps API query limit has been reached
  • Tweak – Improved the handling of addresses in JSON-LD
  • Tweak – Removed deprecated sensor get var for Google Maps API endpoint
  • Tweak – Changed the distance unit label in Settings to be less-specific to maps as it is used elsewhere
  • Tweak – Improved the structure of hierarchical taxonomy terms in List Widget queries (props to Harvard Law for this pull request!)
  • Tweak – Simplified the APM Venue and Organizer filters when the Events list is loaded (props to Jake Kantzer for the pull request!)
  • Fix – Fixed invalid class name when throwing Tribe notices in the Map template
  • Fix – Resolved issue where the Map View slug was not translatable (three cheers for @oheinrich giving us a heads up on this!)
  • Fix – Fixed bug where the wrong class was referenced when setting notices in Map View
  • Fix – Improved compatibility with ACF on the Edit Event page

Community Events 4.1

  • Feature – Added filter for changing the number of categories to display on the event add form: tribe_events_community_category_dropdown_shown_item_count
  • Feature – Added a checkbox to remove the country, state/province, and timezone selectors from the event add form
  • Fix – Fixed bug that prevented logged in users from submitting new venues and organizers when anonymous submissions were enabled

Community Tickets 4.1

  • Fix – Resolved issue where the “Email Attendees” modal box didn’t open in a modal box (mad fist bump to @xlr8r for the heads up!)

Filter Bar 4.1

  • Feature – Allow users to change the limit of Venues and Organizers on front-end filters (our sincere gratitude to @mauitime for this and so many other countless contributions!)
  • Tweak – Allow default Title for Filter Bar sections to be translated
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where filters were overriding set query arguments rather than combining them

iCal Importer 4.1

  • Tweak – Cleaned up a potential fatal error from Tribe__Events__Ical_Importer__Feed_Parser::get_geo_coordinates() that would block an import
  • Tweak – The importer now uses the same distance label according the type of measurement set in Events > Settings
  • Fix – Prevent an issue preventing events with an end date that is before the start date (cheers to @colshaw for reporting this in the forums!)

Facebook Events 4.1

  • Feature – When auto-import is enabled, the time of last import and the possible time of the next import is now displayed
  • Fix – Resolved issue where some imported events would be duplicated during automated imports (Thanks to all who reported this in the forums and for bearing with us while we figured it out!)

Eventbrite Tickets 4.1

  • Feature – Search your Account Events when importing from Eventbrite to WordPress (Thanks to @leadreadlivellc for the idea and for sharing it in our forums!)
  • Feature – WordPress images now will be uploaded to Eventbrite
  • Tweak – Eventbrite imported events won’t lose all HTML from the titles (Thanks to the Eventbrite team for working with us on this one!)
  • Fix – Resolved issue where Eventbrite costs sometimes overrode costs when running alongside other ticketing add-ons and vice versa
  • Fix – Fixed an issue where errors during event submission caused Eventbrite fields to show as empty
  • Fix – Fixed a bug that caused event synchronization with Eventbrite to fail

Event Tickets 4.1

  • Feature – Implemented global stock per event allowing multiple tickets to pull from the same pool of available tickets on an event (Heck yeah to all those who voted on this feature!)
  • Feature – Added filters for RSVP ticket generation: event_tickets_rsvp_tickets_created, event_tickets_rsvp_tickets_generated_for_product, and event_tickets_rsvp_tickets_generated (props to 75ninteen for this pull request!)
  • Tweak – Conditionally show attendees link on Event listing in the WordPress administration
  • Tweak – Obfuscated license keys Events > Help > System Information
  • Tweak – Allowed the “same slug” notice to be dismissed and fixed some text in that message
  • Fix – Fixed issue where some characters were not escaped appropriately for month and year formats
  • Fix – Resolved issue where the RSVP confirmation error message displayed when it shouldn’t

Events Tickets Plus 4.1

  • Feature – Added the ability to collect custom attendee data with ticket reservation/purchases
  • Feature – Pending attendees can now be displayed on the Attendees report for WooCommerce-driven ticket purchases
  • Feature – Added ticket sales and ticket stock field support for Advanced Post Manager
  • Feature – Added the ability to display the list of attendees on the event page (complete with attendee opt-out support)
  • Tweak – Adjusted text on some ticket setting fields
  • Fix – Resolved issue where the “Email” link on the Attendees Report would sometimes error out rather than send an email of the attendees
  • Fix – Fixed an incorrect image URL on the Attendees Report

Advanced Post Manager 4.1

  • Tweak – Improve the documentation files to make sure it’s clear on how to use templates with Custom Post Types
  • Fix – Removed stray characters that were hanging around for no reason