Release: The Events Calendar 2.0.1

Its been a busy week at modern tribe events HQ. We had lots a awesome new users and old users upgrading. The good news is that our soft launch went wonderfully, validating our business plan (leaving the code canyon marketplace and going solo).

You are all so much more creative in your usages than we imagined and therefor of course, the community found some bugs for us to fix. We’ve separated those into a 2.0.1 release (more urgent bugs) and 2.0.2 (still bugs but less urgent).

The biggest effort in 2.0.1 was a refactoring of the template tags and advanced functions. What started as documentation became a bigger effort. We figured that if we were going to take all the time to carefully document all the template tags so that you would all use them, we should make sure they are all clean and presentable. We also broke out the advanced functions from the template tags as these are tools primarily for plugin integration and more experience WordPress devs.

Release Notes for WordPress Events Calendar 2.0.1:

Small features, UX & Content Tweeks:

  • Enabled method to turn off event upsell messages on your site in wp-config.php
  • Updated migration message to help 1.6.5 users have an easier time when they upgrade to 2.0
  • Added a “View my events” link in the settings panel to help users find where the calendar lives
  • Added Russian & Swedish translation files.
  • Broke out advanced functions into their own file “advanced-functions.php”
  • Added in line documentation to all template tags
  • Added and updated documentation on


  • Added “00” in the time drop down when in 24 hour mode
  • Updated default end time to “17” for 24 hour mode
  • Fixed broken link in the “you need events 2.0 open source” on activation for PRO users.
  • More tag now properly crops content in loop
  • Custom meta > number only drop down values now carry over
  • Resolved an issue where single day view yielded a 404 if date was in the past
  • Next event widget now shows the proper event
  • Attachments on recurring events now persist across instances
  • Custom recurring event error caused by blank end date fixed
  • Default state now shows properly
  • Title tags wrong in various views fixed
  • Event date showing incorrectly for certain cases of recurrence fixed.
  • Venue / organizer data not saving for certain cases of recurrence fixed.
Comments (7)
  1. hi, the feature Google calendar/iCal import is one time import or a total sync anytime anywhere between ECP 2.0?

    1. It allows visitors to your site to download (aka import) an event from your calendar into their google calendar or ical friendly calendar. There is no automation, just a button under the event on list of events.

  2. To allow WP auto-update a plugin which is totally incompatible with the previous version and THEN telling the user that you better backup first, but you can only do that by re-installing the old version, sucks big time.

    Bad practice!

    I uninstalled both plugins instead.

  3. Hi Riz,

    I wish there was a way to warn old users but WordPress does not provide a simply path. Trust us, we have no desire to frustrate people. We are building in a solution for 2.1 so that this will not recur. Basically, we had a warning up for the last 3 months on the page, but not every user gets there regularly.

  4. What you should have done is to include the old plugin inside of the new and allow the use to switch to the new code from the settings. That was not difficult.Regaining disgruntled users is.

  5. You are welcome to your disgruntlement. That is an interesting suggestion, but would’
    t that be total clutter. The code for ALL previous versions is readily available. From our upgrade walkthrough:

    STEP -1: OOPS – I didn’t want to update. No problem, you can easily revert. Grab a copy of the version of the events plugin you want here: and add it to your plugins folder. Deactivate the new one and activate the old one your just upload. All better.

    If you already migrated, then you will either need to restore from a backup or you can manually change all the event post types from events back to posts.

  6. Code designed for multiple environments exists all the time. iPhone/iPad, PPC/Intel on OSX, etc., etc. Properly written code with disused parts is not cluttered code in my book. What matters is the user experience.

    Anyway, good luck.

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