Release: The Events Calendar – Full REST Support

Introducing the most developer-centric release we have ever done. We’ve updated The Event Calendar’s support for the REST API in version 4.6!

Changelogs for The Events Calendar

Ready to explore the details of this release? On to the changelogs!

  • Fix — Added full REST support for Events, Organizers, Venues, Event Categories, and Tags – including create, update, and delete!
  • Tweak — Updated Bootstrap Datepicker to v1.7.0
  • Tweak — Added latitude/longitude to REST responses when available on venues
  • Tweak — Added JSON-LD data to REST responses when available
  • Tweak — Replaced deprecated first parameter of tribe_get_organizers() with a parameter that, when specified with a truthy value, returns only organizers with upcoming events attached to them
  • Tweak — Added linked post filters:
    tribe_{$this->post_type}_has_events_excluded_post_stati, tribe_events_tribe_organizer_create, tribe_events_tribe_organizer_update, tribe_event_venue_duplicate_post_fields, tribe_event_organizer_duplicate_custom_fields
  • Tweak — Added action: tribe_events_organizer_created
  • Tweak — Added REST filters: tribe_rest_organizer_default_only_with_upcoming, tribe_rest_venue_default_only_with_upcoming, tribe_events_rest_term_allow_delete
  • Tweak — Added duplicate-detection filters: tribe_duplicate_post_strategies, tribe_duplicate_post_strategy, tribe_duplicate_post_{$strategy}_strategy

Read more on getting started with full REST support at our guide: Introduction to The Events Calendar REST API.

Thanks for your continued support! We hope this update makes your sites much better, your jobs way easier, and your overall experience using our plugins a breeze. Cheers to you on behalf of everyone here at Modern Tribe!