Maintenance Release for the Week of 25 March 2018

Welcome to the fifth maintenance release of 2018! If this is your first time getting an update from us, maintenance releases are smaller updates between major releases, and are mostly comprised of bug fixes, tweaks, and small (but meaningful!) improvements. We always recommend using a staging site to test these changes before updating on a live site.

To see all of the changes included in this maintenance release, check out the changelogs for all updated plugins below:

The Events Calendar 4.6.13

  • Feature – Added facilities allowing users to trash or permanently delete expired events
  • Fix – Corrected the behavior of the previous/next event links rendered on single event pages (props to @jeremyfelt for fixing this)
  • Tweak – Adjusted app shop text in relation to Modern Tribe’s ticketing solutions
  • Tweak – Added wrapper function around use of tribe_events_get_the_excerpt for safety
  • Tweak – Added Gutenberg compatibility for the Gutenberg Extension plugin
  • Tweak – Added new filter tribe_tickets_venue_action_links_edit_url to modify the venue edit link for the sales and attendee reports
  • Tweak – Altered day view to start at 00:00:00 and not 00:00:01

Event Tickets 4.7.1

  • Feature – Added updater class to enable changes on future updates
  • Feature – Added JSON-LD for custom post types with support for tickets and a new filter tribe_tickets_default_currency (thanks to Albert for flagging this in our forums)
  • Fix – Added caching to prevent duplicate calls to get_all_event_tickets within the admin environment (props to Gabriel in our help desk for flagging this)
  • Fix – Improved sanitization of the RSVP description field
  • Fix – Updated logic for calculating the ticketed/unticketed event counts to better account for trashed events (props to @mrwweb for reporting this problem)
  • Fix – Improved the ticket editor interface so that warnings in relation to recurring events stay visible
  • Fix – Restored access to the attendee list from the organizer and venue post editor screens (when ticketing is enabled for those post types- our thanks to Antonio Jose in our forums for flagging this problem)
  • Fix – Added safeguards to prevent RSVPs from being changed from “not going” to “going” if doing so would result in the ticket capacity being exceeded
  • Fix – Added warning if a ticket has stock management turned off in the related WooCommerce product, but has capacity enabled for the ticket (thanks Isaiah Baker and others for highlighting this)
  • Fix – Made sure the correct menu parent is expanded on the admin when visiting the list of attendees
  • Fix – Changes for compatibility with Community Tickets (and to fix the ability to send the attendee report email, which was broken under some conditions)
  • Fix – Added safeguards to prevent overwriting the start date of a ticket if it was already set
  • Fix – Changes to ensure buy now buttons work with plain/”ugly” permalinks
  • Fix – Updated the ticket start/end sale date logic to be timezone aware (props to @evolutionstartup for reporting this in our help desk)
  • Fix – Fixes a glitch, where adding an RSVP results in “NaN” in the counter when using Event Tickets, Enfold and WooCommerce (thanks to @tbo24 for the contribution)
  • Tweak – Changed Event tickets slug from 3 different types into 2 variants for post types and events types
  • Tweak – Made it easier to set Tribe Commerce as the default ticket module (when multiple ticketing modules are active)
  • Tweak – Unified upsell messages in the Ticket settings tab
  • Tweak – Changed default status for ‘Enable Tribe Commerce’ option in tickets settings

Event Tickets Plus 4.7.1

  • Feature – Added updater class to enable changes on future updates
  • Fix – Resolved undefined variable error that could occur when purchasing tickets via WooCommerce in some circumstances (thanks to @justlevine for flagging this problem)
  • Fix – Added safety checks to stop customers from buying tickets left in the cart *after* the ticket sale dates have passed (our thanks to Lawrence in the forums for flag this problem)
  • Fix – Added checks to help prevent tickets from inadvertently being added to the cart more than once when site visitors use the browser refresh button (thanks to Preethi in our forums for reporting this problem)
  • Fix – Fixed some broken functionality and design elements on the front-end “Who’s Attending?” list on ticketed events (thanks to @learningarchitects and others for reporting this bug!)
  • Fix – Restored the order notes that get added to orders when a tickets email is manually re-sent to a customer (props to Nick H. in our forums for spotting this bug)
  • Fix – Restored functionality of the custom WooCommerce tickets email subject line (props to @ilardo for surfacing this bug in the forums)
  • Fix – Corrected a number of wrongly declared textdomains (thanks to @websource for drawing our attention to this)
  • Fix – Make sure the sales page does not trigger any error when get_current_screen does not return an object (thanks to @artistinformatici for report this problem in our forums)
  • Fix – Prevented a fatal error that would sometimes arise when viewing events with EDD tickets
  • Tweak – Modified WooCommerce ticket inputs so that they are disabled when viewed by unauthenticated users, when a requirement for users to login before purchasing is in effect
  • Tweak – Added caching to get_orders_by_status call to avoid unnecessarily repeated queries
  • Tweak – Fixed harmless (but annoying) PHP notice that would sometimes arise when tickets were in the same WooCommerce cart as non-ticket products (thanks @liblogger for reporting this one!)
  • Tweak – Fixed a PHP notice that would sometimes arise when deleting tickets with attendees (thanks to @svkg for reporting this in our forums)
  • Tweak – Added logic to clear cookies and storage used from a product when it is removed from the cart
  • Tweak – Added new filter tribe_tickets_plus_email_enabled to allow for enabling or disabling the tickets emails – this replaces the now-deprecated wootickets-tickets-email-enabled filter
  • Tweak – Added new filter tribe_tickets_plus_woocommerce_order_link_url to allow for remove of the order links on front end order report

Community Events 4.5.10

  • Feature – Added updater class to enable changes on future updates
  • Fix – Prevented errors under PHP 7.2 in relation to the use of create_function
  • Fix – Restored the ability of community organizers to email the attendee list, even if they are blocked from accessing the admin environment (thanks to mindaji in our forums for reporting this)

Community Tickets 4.5.4

  • Feature – Added updater class to enable changes on future updates
  • Fix – Updated asset code to avoid loading styles and scripts on the frontend unnecessarily
  • Fix – Added checks to prevent a PHP warning when fee_percentage is calculated
  • Fix – Utilize new filters in Event Tickets Plus and The Events Calendar to modify venue, sales, attendee, and order report links to keep users on the front end (thanks to Gurdeep for highlighting this)
  • Tweak – Removed references to deprecated function events_get_events_link in favor of tribe_get_events_link
  • Tweak – Updated text to clarify intentions on labels

GigPress 2.3.20

  • Fix – Modified JSON LD output to remove HTML from the address locality field (our thanks to sinoq for flagging this problem)
  • Fix – Strip invalid characters from price field in JSON LD output (our thanks to dekruyff for highlighting this)
  • Tweak – Adjusted admin footer credit
  • Tweak – Added new filter hook gigpress_show_json_ld_markup to make modifications to JSON LD output easier
  • Tweak – Removed duplicate CSS property (props @joneiseman)

Not Updated this Release

The following plugins have not been updated this release, and will remain at the version numbers specified here:

  • Events Calendar PRO
  • Filter Bar 4.5.4
  • Image Widget 4.4.7
  • Advanced Post Manager 4.4
  • Eventbrite Tickets 4.4.9
  • Image Widget Plus 1.0.2