Maintenance Release for the Week of 16 October 2017

Here it is folks, Maintenance Release number 20 of 2017. As always Maintenance Releases are smaller updates between major releases that are mostly comprised of bug Fixes, tweaks, and small but meaningful improvements.

To see all of the changes included this Maintenance Release, check out the changelogs for all updated plugins below:

The Events Calendar

  • Fix – Restored functionality to the “currency position” options in Events Settings, and in the per-event cost settings (props @schola and many others!)
  • Fix – Fixed issue in Month view with multi-month events not appearing on subsequent months (thanks @shinno.kei & @schittly for helping isolate this)
  • Fix – Made some changes to prevent Month View caching from breaking WPML support when in Month View (props: @mpike and many others!)
  • Fix – Fixed start/end times being displayed in incorrect timezone in structured data (thanks @mtncreative & @esosa)
  • Fix – Fixed an issue that would cause a 404 error if the selected default view was not enabled (thanks @pruneau)
  • Fix – Improved translatability by adding missing text domains for a number of strings (props @pedro-mendonca)
  • Fix – Removed unneeded escaping to ensure the organizer link displays as expected (pros @f4w-pwharton)
  • Fix – Restored functionality to the “currency position” options in Events Settings, and in the per-event cost settings (props @schola and many others!)
  • Fix – Added safety checks to reduce the potential for errors stemming from our logging facilities (shout out to Brandon Stiner and Russell Todd for highlighting some remaining issues here)
  • Fix – Added checks to avoid the generation of warnings when rendering the customizer CSS template (props: @aristath)
  • Tweak – Added new tribe_is_wpml_active() function for unified method of checking (as its name implies) if WPML is active
  • Tweak – Removed call to deprecated screen_icon() function
  • Tweak – Improvements to the readme.txt file surrounding plugin requirements (thanks @ramiy)
  • Tweak – Improve site identification in multi site installations using Event Aggregator to avoid throttling issues
  • Tweak – Avoid notice level errors when a non-existent category archive is requested (our thanks to Charles Simmons for highlighting this)
  • Tweak – Added a new filter tribe_events_ical_single_event_links to make customizing the iCal and gCal export links on single-event views easier

Event Tickets

  • Fix – Prevent occasional issue with email content-type not being reset after ticket emails were sent (props to @jappleton in the forums for reporting this!)
  • Fix – Hide unused ‘back’ button when moving tickets to another post
  • Fix – Prevent multiple instances of the ‘View your RSVPs and Tickets’ link from showing on single events (or other ticket-enabled post types – props to @svkg in the forums for reporting this)
  • Fix – Clear attendee cache when a ticket gets moved to another post
  • Fix – Open the exportable CSV file of attendees in a new tab to accommodate Google Chrome’s strict handling of file and MIME types, preventing some console errors and notices in Chrome
  • Fix – Added “View Tickets” link to Custom Post Types when appropriate (thank you @19ideas for helping identify this)
  • Fix – Fix some layout issues with the “Email Attendees” modal in the Attendees list admin view, especially when viewed on phones or tablets (props to @event-control for reporting this!)
  • Fix – Avoid notice-level errors when calling ticket stock functions in relation to events with unlimited stock (props to Lou Anne for highlighting this)
  • Tweak – Documented filter for available Ticket Modules, and used its method instead more places
  • Tweak – The tribe_events_tickets_modules filter has now been deprecated and should not be used

Event Tickets Plus

  • New – Added new filter, tribe_tickets_plus_meta_cookie_flag, that lets users manually control the updating of attendee meta storage cookies.
  • Fix – Updated some template files to use the wc_get_cart_url() function (instead of calling the get_cart_url() WC method directly) to prevent PHP notices
  • Fix – Improved some aspects of temporary storage of attendee meta during the checkout process; the data persists more reliably (props to @slny311 and others)
  • Fix – Re-added legacy WooCommerce version 2.x _visibility “hidden” meta to ticket Products (missing as of version 4.4.7 until now).
  • Fix – Added support for the resend tickets email action when running alongside WooCommerce 3.2.x (with thanks to Benjamin Schreier for highlighting this)
  • Fix – Fixed an issue with EDD tickets not being correctly assigned to users in some cases (thank you @atmedia for reporting this!)
  • Tweak – Added new wootickets_ticket_email_attachments filter
  • Tweak – Added CSS class and filter to table rows in WooCommerce ticket purchase form (thank you @helgatheviking for coding this)
  • Tweak – Started using Woo’s Decimal Separator setting on the Add Ticket screens
  • Compatibility – Minimum supported version of WooCommerce is now 2.5

Not Updated This Release

The following plugins have not been updated this release and will remain at the version numbers specified here:

  • Events Calendar PRO 4.4.18
  • Filter Bar 4.5.1
  • Community Events 4.5.6
  • Community Tickets 4.4.5
  • Advanced Post Manager 4.4
  • Eventbrite Tickets 4.4.8
  • Image Widget 4.4.5
  • Image Widget Plus 1.0.2
  • GigPress 2.3.19