Release: Facebook Events 3.11.1

Good morning! If you were paying attention to your site’s plugins list yesterday, you’ll know that we launched version 3.11 of The Events Calendar, PRO + all add-ons (including the brand new iCal Importer!) over the past 24 hours. Today we’re announcing another release: Facebook Events 3.11.1.

Facebook Events 3.11.1 is a secondary maintenance release aimed at ensuring compatibility with the latest version of Facebook’s Graph API. The version included in 3.11 was using Graph API v 2.2; but we had people report that page requests were failing with an unknown error in 3.11 and we’ve resolved that by updating to Graph API v 2.4 here in 3.11.1.

As always, you’ll want to back up your site before updating. Please let us know over at the forums if you have any issues with Facebook Events 3.11.1. Happy updating!