Release: Facebook Events 1.0.3

Along with the rest of our stable of plugins, Facebook Events got a small refresh today with a couple of tweaks for the 1.0.3 build: one new set of modified translation files, another bug fix due to a change in Facebook’s API.

Release Notes for WordPress Facebook Events 1.0.3:

Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

  • Incorporated updated German translation files, courtesy of Mark Galliath.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue impacting some users (due to a recent change in the Facebook API) where attempting to import Facebook events yielded an error, as discussed in this thread.

The latter seemed to be a particular pain point for our users this past month, so we’re hoping their issues are resolved across the board based on the new code introduced by Tim from our dev team. As always, if you’re noticing something that could be done better or isn’t functioning like it should, let us know over at the forums.