Filter Bar 5.2.0


Feature Release

Filter Bar 5.2.0 improves the way CSS styles load for better WordPress Customizer integration and to make it easier for third-party developers to customize the filter bar’s styles.

As always, we recommend updating on a staging site, just to be safe, but it should all be smooth sailing.

👋 Please note that Filter Bar 5.2.0 is only compatible with The Events Calendar 5.9.0 and higher.

✨ New

New features included in this release:

  • We’ve stopped compiling CSS custom properties and now leave them exposed and accessible to the WordPress Customizer and third-party developers.
  • We updated WordPress Customizer styles so they properly leverage our new CSS custom properties and support our new WordPress Customizer font controls.

🗣 Translations

Updated language files and strings:

  • 1 string updated