Eventbrite Tickets 4.6.5

Eventbrite Tickets 4.6.5 is available to install on your WordPress site!

This is a maintenance release that includes minor updates, including bug fixes and refinements. In other words, it should be pretty smooth sailing as far as installation. That said, it’s always a good idea to backup your site’s data and files as you would for any other WordPress update.

The most noticeable change is that images from Eventbrite are now imported asynchronously. That means they’re processed in a separate queue that runs after your normal event import. This results in a lot more stability when it comes to importing images and helps avoid situations where images may cause an imported event to fail.

This also means that you may notice your event is missing the image as the image continues to import in the background. Please allow for some time after the import for the images to be fully imported.

Here’s more information on the changes made in this release:

  • Fix: The modified ticket cost on Eventbrite.com was not reflected in The Events calendar upon re-import.
  • Fix: Eventbrite images did not import under certain conditions for some of our customers.