Event Tickets 5.0.5



Maintenance Release

This release includes improvements to the stability of the plugin.

This is a “maintenance” release, meaning it should be a super smooth update but, as always, please back up your site and database as you would with any other WordPress update.

✅ Fixed


The following items were fixed in this release:

  • We addressed a potential fatal error that could happen when referencing deleted Tribe Commerce tickets in PayPal orders and API calls.
  • We now ensure that currency-related objects are available on the attendee registration page, even when there are no tickets to show.
  • Multiple shortcodes, like [tribe_tickets post_id="123"], on a single page now properly work with the attendee registration modal, as well as the cart and checkout.
  • Clicking on attendees in attendee reports in the WordPress admin no longer triggers a confirmation for deleted orders.