Release: The Events Calendar 4.2.3, Event Tickets 4.2.3, and Premium Add-ons

We’re happy to announce a new release of The Events Calendar, Event Tickets, and associated premium add-ons.

As you may already know, we like to ship a series of maintenance releases en route to a larger, feature-rich release. This marks the third such release in that series for 4.2. Many bugs and tweaks were covered. To learn about the specific ones, let’s dig into the change logs!

The following plugins were updated to the following versions in this release:

The following plugins were not updated and remain at these versions:

  • iCal Importer 4.2.2
  • Facebook 4.2
  • Eventbrite Tickets 4.2
  • Community Tickets 4.2.2
  • Advanced Post Manager 4.2.2

You can view all archived release notes here.

As always, we encourage you to use caution when updating plugins to the latest versions, just as you would for any other WordPress update. Backup your site files and database, and definitely test the updates in a development environment if possible.

We expect smooth sailing if you’re already running version 4.2 of any plugin, but better to be safe than sorry. This is especially true for anyone updating from version 4.1 or earlier, in which case we suggest reading over the 4.2 release notes in advance.

The Events Calendar 4.2.3

  • Fix — In month view, be sure to unhook JSON-LD output when calling unhook function
  • Fix — Incorrect JSON-LD event start and end times (thank you @jjbte for reporting on .org forums)
  • Fix — Show Google Map and Link checkbox so they show when editing an event (Reported originally by Michael of @NailedIT in the .org forum)
  • Fix — Use Community Events Venue Edit Link when on Community Events Forms instead of Admin (also as a result of the report above from @NailedIT. Thanks again.)

Events Calendar PRO 4.2.3

  • Fix — Change myremove to jQuery Grep to improve compatibility with Black Studio TinyMCE Widget (Thank you @digisavvy for reporting this in the support Forums)
  • Fix — Add check for past events in the mini calendar and event list widget date icon box so it shows the correct information (Initially reported by @yuryvasilchenko in the support forums. Thanks!)

Community Events 4.2.3

  • Fix — Always Show Google Map and Link checkbox when editing an event [Thanks to @groeteke for reporting this on our forums.]
  • Fix — Enable logged in users same access to community events form when anonymous submissions disabled [Emily of @designagency took the time to report this one. Thanks Emily.]

Filter Bar 4.2.2

  • Fix — Events imported via the CSV import function would not show up in start time based filtering (Thanks to @Stephan for the original post on our support forums here.)
  • Fix — Incorrect start time based filtering of events in some edge cases

Event Tickets 4.2.3

  • Tweak — Add prompt for ratings on admin Event screens
  • Fix — Provide fallback page if App Shop API fails to load
  • Fix — Events related links should appear under the Events menu (Thanks @Abby for the original report of this on our support forums)

Event Tickets Plus 4.2.3

  • Fix — Hide attendee output meta field from the WooCommerce Individual Order Items (thanks @Douglas for getting this report into us via the support forums.)