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Recurring Events

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    I have Events Calendar and Event Tickets Plus; I’m having visitors pay for classes/events.

    I saw that you can’t set up Recurring events with the Ticketing plugin, but… some of the events are free. If I purchase Events Calendar Pro can I use the Recurring functioning on the free classes or can I not use Recurring events at all if I have Tickets Pro activated?


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    You actually can use our ticketing plugins and Events Calendar Pro simultaneously and even add tickets/RSVPs to recurring events, but there is a caveat. Adding tickets (paid or RSVPs) to a recurring event adds them to the series as a whole, and it does not create individual instances of the ticket for each date in the series. So, the tickets will show up on each date in the series, but no matter which date the user adds the ticket from, it will be the same ticket in the cart (the date will show as the first date in the series). We are working on improving this functionality for the future, and if you’re interested in this new feature, I would recommend casting your vote for the feature request to stay up to date on progress.

    I hope this helps clear things up, but please let me know if you have any questions!

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    Thanks for the response. At least I could use this for recurring events without tickets. The ones that have ticket fees have to be individual because there’s a capacity for each and when purchasing the ticket, it has to show an accurate count of spaces left. As it is now, under Type, we have to add the class name, date and time or the cart and email notifications aren’t very helpful. I’ll have to reassess after a couple of months to see how much time it takes to maintain.


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    Hi Julie,

    You are correct that if you need individual tickets and stock management for each date, they will need to be single events. I don’t have a timeline as to when support for recurring tickets will be added, but I would definitely recommend casting your vote on the request so that you can stay in the loop!

    Since this has been marked “Resolved”, I’ll go ahead and close it out. If you have any questions on getting up and running with Events Calendar Pro or Event Tickets Plus, please feel free to reach out to us in our premium support forums. To get you started, here are a few articles that might be helpful:

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