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Parts of the calendar stopped working when using tribe-events shortcode

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    It appears that the “tribe-events” shortcode is having some issues all of a sudden. Things that seem to use JavaScript have quit working on the calendar when viewing a shortcode generated calendar view, but they’re working on the default page. For example, no drop down appears in order to change the view from month to week or list. Also, when you click to advance a month, the calendar doesn’t switch months. This had been working fine and now isn’t. Any thoughts on why and what can fix this?

    Discovered it when demoing the site to the client this morning… was a bit of a big bummer. Bad first showing. 🙁 Haha.

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    Can you start by going through our Testing for Conflicts Guide  I am wondering if you might have a plugin or theme conflict. 

    We recommend conducting these tests on a staging server (

    Begin by deactivating all other plugins, using a theme such as Twenty Seventeen, and see if the issue still persists.

    Also, double check for any other updates available (Dashboard » Updates). 

    Finally, double check for any Javascript specific errors ( Using Your Browser to Diagnose JavaScript Errors and let us know which errors you are seeing.

    Please let me know if the issue still persists after these tests.

    Also, are you able to set the site up in such a way that we can see past maintenance mode? We have a policy of not logging in to the administrative end of clients sites, but can log in to get around maintenance mode issues to see what the conflict might be.

    Courtney 🙂

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    I have tried shutting off all plugins as well as switching to the original theme. Also tried flushing the cache. Have done your conflict guide. All plugins and themes are up to date and I’m on a staging server. Have tested for JS errors. It returns this error: tribe-events.min.js?ver= I can’t do much with that.

    To get past the maintenance cover on the site, just type in “kncsbdemo” in the password box and you’ll be able to view the whole site.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Riley,

    A rather odd thing is that the datepicker script and the calendar script seem not to be loading in the expected order.

    As you noted you are on a staging server, I wonder if you could temporarily take things there back to a basic state where there is only our plugin and Events Calendar PRO running along with a default, unmodified theme such as Twenty Seventeen and then drop us a note so we can review the problem while the site is in that simpler, stripped down state.

    If we can see the problem under those conditions, that might help us to draw the parallels we need to move this problem forward and get you some solid answers 🙂

    Thanks! – let me know if that’s possible!

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    Riley: after some further research, this does seem to be a known and existing bug. I’ve linked this conversation to the report on our internal bug tracker and we’ll do our best to update you by posting in here once a fix has been released.

    Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

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    Hello! I am still having a problem with this and am still waiting on a response. I have delayed launching a client project because of this bug and the need for this shortcode to be working. I have some very upset clients now and it reflects pretty poorly on me. Also concerning is that this isn’t listed on your “known issues” and isn’t being addressed as far as I can see. Can you please give me an update on this and what can be done. Thanks!

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    Just as an update: I had tried turning off all other plugins, and testing, but it occurred to me today that it’d make sense for the conflict to be happening within your plugins. So I deactivated the other plugins I had from you guys that I was using to make the calendar stuff work as I needed and it turns out the conflict is happening with the Events Calendar Filter Bar plugin. So, hope that helps narrow it down. I’d really like to be able to use that on this site and project, but at least for now I can do without it and get this site launched.

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    Hi Riley,

    You’re right – it is indeed connected to Filter Bar.

    As noted earlier we are aware of this issue and are hoping to release a fix shortly: please do stay tuned to our release announcements though we’ll also endeavor to post an update within this conversation.

    Also concerning is that this isn’t listed on your “known issues”

    That’s right. As the text on that page notes, it doesn’t cover all known issues – just ones of a certain priority or that are impacting a certain percentage of users. In this case specifically, we chose not to add it.

    Again, a fix is in the works and should be with us before too long. Thanks again for your patience while we finalize our next release 🙂

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    Hi Riley!

    Just wanted to share with you that a new maintenance release (for the Week of 5 March 2018) is out, including a fix for this issue 🙂

    Find out more about this release →

    Please update the plugins and let us know if the fix works for your site.


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