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"One event on invalid date at [time]" showing after updating recurring event

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    Greetings The Events Calendar folks,

    I am seeing the message (screenshot attached) saying “One event on invalid date at…” after I set the “once” dates. The format changes from “mm/dd/yyyy” to “yyyy-mm-dd”. The event shows up on the correct date, but the default “Recurrence Description” uses that phrase “One event on invalid date at 5:00pm” (or whatever the time of the event is).

    This appears to only be a problem if I don’t insert a custom “Recurrence Description”. It occurs to me it may be associated with the sort order bug going on when you click “(see all)”. Just a speculation.


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    Apologies for the delayed response, Jonathan – and I’m sorry this bug has bitten you.

    It is on our radar already and we’ll do our best to ship a fix soon (realistically, that will not be the very next Events Calendar PRO release, however).

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    Hi Jonathan!

    Just wanted to share with you that a new maintenance release (for the Week of 5 March 2018) is out, including a fix for this issue 🙂

    Find out more about this release →

    Please update the plugins and let us know if the fix works for your site.


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