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    Why does the title say Archives: that looks pretty bad that I cant change the actual title of it such as Garden Center Calendar or whatever. The url does have events but the title should not be Archives:

    I was also thinking of kust creating my own events page such as /gardencenterevents/ instead of just events? But then how would I get the calendar to display there?

    is the calendar always this dreary grey or is there a way for it to match our web site?

    Just checking on these before we invest any money

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    Hi! Thanks for reaching out. We’re experiencing a high volume of support requests right now, but please do bear with us and we’ll review your question as quickly as possible.

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    Hey Bruce

    Thanks so much for getting in touch! I’m afraid that we’re not equipped to provide technical support for current plugin users here in our pre-sales forum.

    I can share 2 resources with you to see this through. &

    For any further support, we’d be more than happy to assist you at one of the following locations:

    • If you’re using one or more of our free plugins such as The Events Calendar and Event Tickets, you can request assistance on the support forum for the affected product.
    • If you’re a current license holder for one of our premium offerings, please log in to your account and submit a post to the appropriate forum for the affected product. Please include your System Info so we can better help you.

    If you can, please take the time to confirm in your post that you’ve run through our Testing for Conflicts steps prior to contacting us–this will save us a step and help us to get your issue resolved that much quicker! 🙂

    Thanks again, and we’ll see you in the forums!
    Courtney 🙂