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Sharing Your System Information

Our support team will often ask you to share your system information. This is a quick and thorough way for us to see the details of your site’s set-up, which is often essential for helping us pinpoint problems.

Sharing the Information Automatically

As of The Events Calendar 4.3, when you go to Events → Help in your wp-admin you will see the option shown in the following screenshot:


There are two main benefits of checking this option, as follows:

  • You can expect a slightly faster support experience, since the whole “can you share your system information with us?” step is removed from the process.
  • You can ensure the privacy of your information, since the information does not get posted into the content of a help desk reply—it is visible only to the support team via admin tools, and never makes its way to the front end of the site.

If you check this option, then that’s all you have to do! Your system information will be accessible by the support team. The only thing you need to do is head over to our help desk and open a new support topic. 😀

Sharing the Information Manually

If you don’t want to have the information shared automatically, no worries! Here is how to do it manually:

  • Your system information is located right in your WordPress site admin, at the Events → Help tab.
  • To share your site’s details, highlight the entirety of the black text box on the Help page (click to see example), and copy it into your support topic.
  • If you are concerned about the information being publicly visible, please make sure you click the “Reply as Private” option before submitting your reply. This way, only you and the support team will be able to see the information.
  • ⚠️ Please do not post the information as a screenshot! And please do not post incomplete information. Copy and paste the complete text of the System Information box and paste the complete text to share it.

The system information panel looks like this in your WordPress site admin:

KB - system info

☝️ Be sure to copy and paste all of the text from inside that black box.

Sharing the Information Early

Usually we will request the system information at the start of a support conversation. If you’d like to save this step for a faster support exchange, when you are opening a new topic via our premium help desk, you’ll see a text area where you can drop this information.

This pre-shared info will not be public. It will automatically be a private internal note for our team only.

The box on the new topic form where you can post this information early looks like this:

KB - sys info

Making the Information Private

While the “System Information” box on the new topic form is private by default, a help desk reply is public by default.

As noted above, if you want to share your system information manually in a help desk reply but still keep the information private, just make sure you mark the “Reply as Private” option so that other users cannot see your information.

KB - reply info