Things to be aware of in version 4.2 of The Events Calendar, Event Tickets, and premium add-ons

1. Oembed for events

You can now get a beautiful embed of an event just by adding the URL to a post. Check it out! (Please note that you need to be using WordPress 4.4+ to use this feature).

2. New options for authenticated users

With the additions of RSVPs and custom fields, we have had a lot of requests for the ability to allow users to make direct updates. As such, we have a few new options for authenticated users.

See list of tickets and RSVPs for each event

A logged in user can now see any tickets they purchased or RSVPs they’ve made for a given event.

Embed event list with a shortcode

Admins have the option of using a new shortcode to embed a list of all events a user has tickets or RSVPs for- perfect for adding to existing member pages.

Change RSVP

People change their minds, and now our software supports that. We wanted this feature from the beginning and we are very happy it’s in place now.

Edit attendee fields

Selling t-shirts along with your tickets? Sometimes people don’t get their sizes right on the first attempt, but now that’s easy for them to fix.

3. Improved CSV importer

We have been slowly expanding the capabilities of our CSV importer over the past few releases (and we aren’t done yet). Our big focus here was to reach a point where every field for an event can be imported. We also added more field options for venues and organizers. Most exciting of all though, you can now setup your RSVPs and tickets via a CSV import.

4. Linked post types

Added simplified support for attaching custom post types to events. This isn’t a user facing feature, but it will make customizations to the product much easier. Additionally, we are using this system to improve the way venues and organizers function with events. This is critical groundwork for new ideas we hope to deliver later this year or in 2017.

5. Google Maps API key field

Google started rate limiting requests without an API key. For high traffic websites, this was becoming a significant problem. Now those sites can add an API key and keep their maps looking spiffy.

6. Accessibility changes

When Trisha Salas joined our team a couple months ago, we hoped we could leverage her extensive background with accessibility to improve our products. She jumped at the challenge and with this release we are bringing the first of many accessibility improvements. Hopefully screen readers will sound better with these changes. More information around these efforts will be shared in a subsequent blog post. Stay tuned!

7. Filter Bar: venue locations

You can now filter your events by state, province, city, and country. If you have a lot of events across large geographical areas, this is going to help your visitors a great deal!

8. A few bug fixes and tweaks

As always, we try to make a bunch of small adjustments to make everything just a little bit better. Check out the full release notes for all the details about every little adjustment we made this time.

9. New actions

The Events Calendar

  • tribe_events_link_post
  • tribe_events_unlink_post
  • tribe_events_linked_post_new_form
  • tribe_location_table_top
  • tribe_venue_table_top
  • tribe_linked_post_table_top
  • tribe_after_organizer_details
  • tribe_after_linked_post_details
  • tribe_events_embed_before_the_event_feature_image
  • tribe_events_embed_after_the_event_feature_image
  • tribe_events_embed_before_the_event_title
  • tribe_events_embed_after_the_event_title
  • tribe_events_embed_before_the_content
  • tribe_events_embed_after_the_content
  • tribe_events_embed_before_the_event_footer
  • tribe_events_embed_after_the_event_footer
  • tribe_events_embed_before_the_cost_value
  • tribe_events_embed_after_the_cost_value
  • tribe_events_embed_before_the_event_meta
  • tribe_events_embed_after_the_event_meta
  • tribe_events_embed_before_the_event_cost
  • tribe_events_embed_after_the_event_cost
  • tribe_events_embed_before_the_event_schedule_details
  • tribe_events_embed_after_the_event_schedule_details
  • tribe_events_embed_before_the_event_venue
  • tribe_events_embed_after_the_event_venue

Event Tickets

  • tribe_tickets_plugin_failed_to_load
  • tribe_tickets_plugin_loaded
  • event_tickets_rsvp_attendee_created
  • event_tickets_attendee_update
  • event_tickets_after_attendees_update
  • tribe_tickets_pre_get_template_part
  • tribe_tickets_before_get_template_part
  • tribe_tickets_after_get_template_part
  • tribe_tickets_post_get_template_part
  • event_tickets_orders_rsvp_attendee_contents

Event Tickets Plus

  • event_ticket_edd_attendee_created
  • event_tickets_shopp_attendee_created
  • event_tickets_wpec_attendee_created
  • event_ticket_woo_attendee_created
  • event_tickets_edd_tickets_purchased_inventory_recorded

10. New filters

The Events Calendar

  • tribe_events_cost_utils_uncosted_events_expiry
  • tribe_events_import_type_titles_map
  • tribe_events_import_options_rows
  • tribe_events_import_options_default_selected
  • tribe_event_import_{$import_type}_column_names
  • tribe_events_importer_venue_column_names
  • tribe_events_importer_organizer_column_names
  • tribe_events_import_{$type}_importer
  • tribe_events_csv_import_organizer_fields
  • tribe_events_importer_venue_array
  • tribe_import_default_encode_status_non_saved
  • tribe_import_default_encode_status
  • tribe_import_encoding_status
  • tribe_events_register_default_linked_post_types
  • tribe_events_linked_post_type_args
  • tribe_events_linked_post_type_container
  • tribe_events_linked_post_id_field_index
  • tribe_events_linked_post_name_field_index
  • tribe_events_has_linked_posts
  • tribe_events_get_linked_posts
  • tribe_events_has_linked_posts_by_post_type
  • tribe_events_get_linked_posts_by_post_type
  • tribe_events_linked_post_create_{$linked_post_type}
  • tribe_events_linked_post_create
  • tribe_events_saved_linked_post_dropdown_my_optgroup
  • tribe_events_saved_linked_post_dropdown_optgroup
  • tribe_events_linked_post_meta_box_section
  • tribe_events_multiple_linked_post_template
  • tribe_events_linked_post_default
  • tribe_display_event_linked_post_dropdown_id
  • tribe_events_tribe_organizer_new_form_fields
  • tribe_events_tribe_venue_new_form_fields
  • tribe_events_linked_post_meta_box_title
  • tribe_event_featured_image_size
  • tribe_event_featured_image_link
  • tribe_events_get_the_excerpt
  • tribe_events_venue_single_line_address_parts
  • tribe_events_get_venue_single_line_address

Event Tickets

  • tribe_events_tickets_attendees_table_attendee_id_column
  • tribe_tickets_json_ld_low_inventory_level
  • tribe_json_ld_offer_object
  • event_tickets_embed_buy_button_text
  • event_tickets_embed_buy_button
  • tribe_tickets_shortcodes_attendee_list_name
  • event_tickets_availability_slug
  • event_tickets_availability_slug_by_collection
  • event_tickets_unvailable_message
  • tribe_tickets_ticket_login_url
  • event_tickets_rewrite_slug_orders_page
  • event_tickets_rsvp_options
  • event_tickets_is_rsvp_restricted
  • tribe_tickets_settings_systems_supporting_login_requirements
  • tribe_tickets_get_template_part_templates
  • tribe_tickets_get_template_part_path
  • tribe_tickets_get_template_part_path_{$template}
  • tribe_tickets_get_template_part_content

Event Tickets Plus

  • tribe_tickets_plus_edd_global_stock_cart_error
  • tribe_tickets_plus_edd_global_stock_cart_error
  • tribe_tickets_edd_enable_global_stock
  • event_tickets_plus_is_meta_field_restricted
  • event_tickets_plus_is_meta_restricted

11. Newly deprecated code

To support the increased flexibility with the linked post changes, we have some filters and methods that will be changing.

The filters tribe_events_saved_organizers_dropdown_my_optgroup and tribe_events_saved_organizers_dropdown_optgroup will be replaced with tribe_events_saved_linked_post_dropdown_my_optgroup and tribe_events_saved_linked_post_dropdown_optgroup respectively. The new filters apply to any linked post type. The post type itself is passed as the second parameter to the filters. This immediately applies to venues and organizers.

The Tribe__Events__Main::saved_venues_dropdown() and Tribe__Events__Main::saved_organizers_dropdown() methods will be replaced with the Tribe__Events__Linked_Posts::saved_linked_post_dropdown() method. An import note here is that the second parameter for those methods ($name) no longer has any effect on the field name. The post type itself is passed as the first parameter to this new method.

The Tribe__Tickets__Main::inject_tickets_json_ld() method has been refactored out and the Tribe__Tickets__JSON_LD__Order class has taken over these responsibilities. This both adds improved LSON-LD support and further simplifies the bloated Tribe__Tickets__Main class.

12. Removed action and filters

The Events Calendar

Removed tribe_venue_table_top action.

Removed the following filters:

  • tribe_events_multiple_organizer_template
  • tribe_events_saved_venues_dropdown_my_optgroup
  • tribe_events_saved_venues_dropdown_optgroup
  • tribe_puc_request_info_query_args-{slug}
  • tribe_puc_request_info_options-{slug}
  • tribe_puc_request_info_result-{slug}
  • tribe_google_data_markup_json

Events Calendar PRO

Removed tribe_google_data_markup_json filter.

Event Tickets

Removed tribe_events_tickets_google_event_data_offer filter.

13. Updated views

We definitely want you to be aware of updated views, particularly those of you who have used template overrides in the past. We’ve updated markup in the following templates, so please do be sure to check your custom work against what’s new in 4.1 and test things out in a safe development environment to avoid any critical breakages.

Events Calendar PRO

  • widgets/modules/single-event.php

Event Tickets

  • rsvp.php
  • orders-link.php
  • orders-rsvp.php
  • orders.php

Event Tickets Plus

  • wootickets/tickets.php
  • shopptickets/tickets.php
  • meta/text.php
  • meta/select.php
  • meta/radio.php
  • meta/checkbox.php
  • meta/number.php
  • eddtickets/tickets.php
  • tickets-plus/orders-edit-meta.php
  • tickets-plus/orders-tickets.php
  • login-to-purchase.php
  • wpectickets/tickets.php

Community Events

  • modules/venue.php
  • modules/organizer-multiple.php
  • modules/organizer.php

Thanks for your continued support! We hope this makes your sites much better and your jobs way easier.