Things to be aware of in version 4.0 of The Events Calendar, The Events Calendar PRO + all add-ons

Version 4.0 of The Events Calendar and all the associated add-ons is a big update. We are introducing some new plugins, which are just the beginning of some big new things to come. We also have a myriad of fixes and tweaks that make all sorts of things better.

To get you pumped up, here are the top things we think you should be aware of before jumping into 4.0!

1. Introducing Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus

Event Tickets is a brand new free plugin that is available on This plugin allows you to collect RSVPs and manage event registration with ease. You can run Event Tickets as a standalone plugin or combine it with The Events Calendar for simple, powerful event registration & ticketing functionality.

Event Tickets Plus is a premium add-on to Event Tickets that provides commerce integration for WooCommerce, Shopp, EDD, and WP eCommerce. This plugin will be replacing our four existing plugins: WooCommerce Tickets, WP e-Commerce Tickets, Easy Digital Downloads Tickets, and Shopp Tickets. It matches all their functionality and allows you to buy a single plugin without being locked into only one commerce provider.

All existing license holders for those four plugins will automatically be granted a license for Event Tickets Plus! We will also continue to support (but not update) the existing Tickets plugins.

2. QR codes added to tickets for easy check-in

Event Tickets Plus users will have QR codes added to the tickets for simplified check-in at your events. This is the first new feature coming to Event Tickets Plus, but the new year will bring more long desired features! We are encouraging everyone to get transitioned to Event Tickets and Event Tickets Plus as soon as possible to take advantage of new features as we release them.

3. Easy color adjustments with the theme customizer

With Events Calendar PRO you will now be able to change calendar colors directly within the WordPress theme customizer–no more code snippets needed! We are pretty excited about this and hope you will be too! Check out more info on the PRO Color Customize here.

4. New widget: This Week

Events Calendar PRO is also bringing a new widget that will show the week’s events. This was a passion project for one of our developers and you are sure to love it. (This will also be available as a shortcode: tribe_this_week). Find info on configuring the This Week widget here.

5. Additional fields added in PRO are now compatible with Filter Bar

Custom additional fields that you create in PRO will now be available to Filter Bar! This has been a long desired feature that should really amp up your searches.

6. Compatibility with Twenty Sixteen theme

Twenty Sixteen is a gorgeous new base theme that we are proud to be using as our new reference theme.

7. Facebook events can now be re-synchronized

The Facebook Events plugin will allow imported events to be re-synchronized with new details from Facebook. This is another long-time requested feature that should help a lot of people.

8. A pile of bug fixes and tweaks

When I look at the full changelog for this release, I’m nervoucited. We have packed a bunch of things in here and one (or more!) of them is sure to delight you.

9. New actions

Tribe Common – available in The Events Calendar and Event Tickets

  • tribe_help_sidebar_before
  • tribe_help_sidebar_after
  • tribe_help_pre_get_sections

Facebook actions

  • tribe_events_facebook_event_created

10. New filters

The Events Calendar

  • tribe_events_cost_separators
  • tribe_events_cost_regex
  • tribe_importer_url
  • tribe_import_tabs (deprecated tribe-import-tabs)
  • tribe_import_available_options (deprecated tribe-import-available-options)
  • tribe_import_default_post_status_non_saved
  • tribe_import_default_post_status
  • tribe_import_possible_stati
  • tribe_events_category_slug
  • tribe_events_tag_slug
  • tribe_events_excerpt_allowed_html
  • tribe_events_excerpt_allow_shortcode
  • tribe_import_general_settings

Tribe Common – available in The Events Calendar and Event Tickets

  • tribe_beginning_of_day
  • tribe_common_event_page_capability
  • tribe_currency_symbol
  • tribe_formatted_date
  • tribe_help_addons
  • tribe_help_api_data
  • tribe_help_api_data_timeout
  • tribe_help_available_section_types
  • tribe_help_must_escape_fields
  • tribe_help_plugins
  • tribe_help_rss_max_items
  • tribe_help_section_
  • tribe_help_sections
  • tribe_help_sections_html
  • tribe_is_post_type_screen_post_types
  • tribe_post_types
  • tribe_resource_url
  • tribe_reverse_currency_position
  • tribe_settings_date_preview_fields
  • tribe_the_notices


  • tribe_google_data_markup_json
  • tribe_enable_default_value_replace_checkbox
  • tribe_this_week_widget_class
  • tribe_events_pro_multichoice_field_types
  • tribe_events_pro_field_is_multichoice


  • tribe_ce_i18n_page_titles


  • tribe_eb_push_image
  • tribe_eb_pull_image


  • tribe_events_filter_taxonomy_relationship
  • tribe_events_filter_nest_taxonomy_queries

iCal Importer

  • tribe_events_ical_importer_support_recurrence

11. There is newly deprecated code

We have reorganized a lot of code in this release, which in turn has led us to deprecate a lot of functions. They will all continue to work (just with notices in your logs) and have really simple substitution functions if you want to bring your customizations up to the latest.

The Events Calendar 4.0

  • Deprecated – The Tribe__Events__Main::defaultValueReplaceEnabled() method is being deprecated in favor of tribe_get_option(‘defaultValueReplace’). Schedules for removal in v4.5
  • Deprecated – The tribe_event_link() has been deprecated in favor of tribe_get_event_link(). Scheduled for removal in 5.0
  • Deprecated – The third parameter of tribe_get_organizer_link() (the $echo parameter) has been deprecated and is scheduled for removal in 5.0
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Abstract_Deactivation in favor of Tribe__Abstract_Deactivation
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Admin__Helpers in favor of Tribe__Admin__Helpers
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__App_Shop in favor of Tribe__App_Shop
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Autoloader in favor of Tribe__Autoloader
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Cache in favor of Tribe__Cache
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Cache_Listener in favor of Tribe__Cache_Listener
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Changelog_Reader in favor of Tribe__Changelog_Reader
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Credits in favor of Tribe__Credits
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Date_Utils in favor of Tribe__Date_Utils
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Field in favor of Tribe__Field
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Settings in favor of Tribe__Settings
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Settings_Tab in favor of Tribe__Settings_Tab
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Support in favor of Tribe__Support
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Template_Part_Cache in favor of Tribe__Template_Part_Cache
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Tickets__Attendees_Table in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Attendees_Table in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Tickets__Metabox in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Metabox in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Tickets__Ticket_Object in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Ticket_Object in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Tickets__Tickets in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Tickets in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Tickets__Tickets_Pro in favor of Tribe__Tickets__Tickets_Handler in the event-tickets plugin
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Validate in favor of Tribe__Validate
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__View_Helpers in favor of Tribe__View_Helpers
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::OPTIONNAME in favor of Tribe__Main::OPTIONNAME
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::OPTIONNAMENETWORK in favor of Tribe__Main::OPTIONNAMENETWORK
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::addHelpAdminMenuItem() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::add_help_admin_menu_item()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::addNetworkOptionsPage() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::add_network_options_page()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::array_insert_after_key() in favor of Tribe__Main::array_insert_after_key()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::array_insert_before_key() in favor of Tribe__Main::array_insert_before_key()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::debug() in favor of Tribe__Debug::debug()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::defaultValueReplaceEnabled() in favor of tribe_get_option( ‘defaultValueReplace’ )
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::doHelpTab() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::do_help_tab()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::doNetworkSettingTab() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::do_network_settings_tab()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::doSettingTabs() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::do_setting_tabs()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::do_licenses_tab() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::do_licenses_tab()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::getNetworkOption() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::get_network_option()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::getNetworkOptions() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::get_network_options()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::getNotices() in favor of Tribe__Notices::get()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::getOption() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::get_option()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::getOptions() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::get_options()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::have_addons() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::have_addons()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::isNotice() in favor of Tribe__Notices::is_notice()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::pluginDir in favor of Tribe__Events__Main::plugin_dir
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::pluginName in favor of Tribe__Events__Main::plugin_name
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::pluginPath in favor of Tribe__Events__Main::plugin_path
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::pluginUrl in favor of Tribe__Events__Main::plugin_url
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::removeNotice() in favor of Tribe__Notices::remove_notice()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::renderDebug() in favor of Tribe__Debug::render()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::saveAllTabsHidden() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::save_all_tabs_hidden()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::setNetworkOptions() in favor of Tribe__Settings_Manager::set_network_options()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::setNotice() in favor of Tribe__Notices::set_notice()
  • Deprecated – Tribe__Events__Main::truncate() in favor of tribe_events_get_the_excerpt()
  • Deprecated – tribe_event_beginning_of_day() in favor of tribe_beginning_of_day()
  • Deprecated – tribe_event_end_of_day() in favor of tribe_end_of_day()
  • Deprecated – tribe_event_format_date() in favor of tribe_format_date()
  • Deprecated – tribe_events_the_notices() in favor of tribe_the_notices()

The Events Calendar PRO 4.0

  • Deprecated – Deprecating the “defaultValueReplace” option in the Default Content settings tab

12. Updated Views

The Events Calendar

  • src/views/day/content.php
  • src/views/day/loop.php
  • src/views/day/single-event.php
  • src/views/list/content.php
  • src/views/list/loop.php
  • src/views/list/nav.php
  • src/views/list/single-event.php
  • src/views/modules/address.php
  • src/views/modules/bar.php
  • src/views/modules/meta/details.php
  • src/views/modules/meta/organizer.php
  • src/views/modules/meta/venue.php
  • src/views/month.php
  • src/views/month/content.php
  • src/views/month/loop-grid.php
  • src/views/month/mobile.php
  • src/views/month/single-day.php
  • src/views/month/single-event.php
  • src/views/month/tooltip.php
  • src/views/single-event.php
  • src/views/tickets/attendees-email.php – moved to event-tickets
  • src/views/tickets/email.php – moved to event-tickets
  • src/views/widgets/list-widget.php


  • src/views/pro/map/content.php
  • src/views/pro/map/loop.php
  • src/views/pro/map/single-event.php
  • src/views/pro/modules/meta/additional-fields.php
  • src/views/pro/photo/content.php
  • src/views/pro/photo/loop.php
  • src/views/pro/photo/single-event.php
  • src/views/pro/related-events.php
  • src/views/pro/single-organizer.php
  • src/views/pro/single-venue.php
  • src/views/pro/week/content.php
  • src/views/pro/week/loop-grid.php
  • src/views/pro/week/mobile.php
  • src/views/pro/week/single-event.php
  • src/views/pro/week/tooltip.php
  • src/views/pro/widgets/list-widget.php
  • src/views/pro/widgets/mini-calendar/grid.php
  • src/views/pro/widgets/mini-calendar/list.php
  • src/views/pro/widgets/mini-calendar/single-day.php
  • src/views/pro/widgets/modules/single-event.php
  • src/views/pro/widgets/venue-widget.php

Community Events

  • src/views/community/event-list.php
  • src/views/community/modules/cost.php
  • src/views/community/modules/venue.php
  • src/views/community/modules/website.php *

Community Tickets

  • src/views/community-tickets/modules/tickets.php *


  • src/views/eventbrite/eventbrite-meta-box-extension.php
  • src/views/eventbrite/import-eventbrite-events.php
  • src/views/eventbrite/options.php – deleted

iCal Importer

  • src/views/edit-saved-recurring.php
  • src/views/import-form.php
  • src/views/one-time-buttons.php
  • src/views/recurring-buttons.php
  • src/views/saved-imports-table.php
  • src/views/status-category-selector.php

Event Tickets

  • src/views/attendees-email.php – moved here from The Events Calendar
  • src/views/email.php – moved here from The Events Calendar

Event Tickets Plus

  • src/views/eddtickets/tickets.php – moved here from EDD Tickets and altered
  • src/views/shopptickets/tickets.php – moved here from Shopp Tickets and altered
  • src/views/wootickets/tickets.php – moved here from WooTickets and altered
  • src/views/wpectickets/tickets.php – moved here from WPEC Tickets and altered

Pretty good stuff, right? We hope you’re as psyched about these updates as we are!