The Events Calendar 3.12 is coming: help us test backwards compatibility

Howdy folks! We’re gearing up for another release in the coming weeks and are dotting the “i”s/crossing the “t”s. For those keeping track, the upcoming release will be version 3.12 and will include updates for every plugin in our calendaring suite.

This release incorporates a few large-scale changes: the introduction of freeform recurring events, better timezone handling and additional fields support for our CSV importer. To make sure we’re respecting your customizations, we’re hoping to rope in a few Events Calendar PRO users with heavily customized sites who would be willing to test our 3.12 Release Candidates.

If you’re interested, let us know. Please provide a link to your customized site in your email and confirm that you have a test (staging) site where this will be run — it is not quite production-ready. We’re hoping you’ll install the release candidates on this staging site and let us know what (if anything) breaks, so that we can try to prevent such breakage in the final release.

We’re looking for feedback between now and Friday, September 4. Thanks in advance for your interest!