Release: The Events Calendar 2.0.9

You’ll notice there were no product releases last month. While we didn’t take a team-wide summer vacation, everyone on the crew had their own distractions — babies, weddings, moving and what have you — that kept us focused on dev and support, but not pushing any products live. But I’m excited to say that we’re back from our month of downtime (if you could call it that), and our first maintenance build since July for The Events Calendar & Events Calendar PRO has just been pushed live. This was a bigger build than we’ve had in a while, and you can see by the release notes that it’s a pretty even mix of features and bug fixes. A lot has changed, so read on before updating…

Release Notes for WordPress Events Calendar 2.0.9:

Small features, UX and Content Tweaks:

  • Clarified messaging regarding how a widget template override is done, on the Appearance –> Widgets screen.
  • Allowed for HTML in Additional Fields – a, b, i, em & strong are all accepted. (PRO only).
  • Added a filter for the $content object in the iCal feed (PRO only).
  • Included the forum on the list of helpful resources, under Events –> Settings –> Help.
  • Added asterisks (indicating “required”) to the start/end date fields in the event editor.
  • Added end date to header in list view for multi-day events.
  • Users now have an ability to select “None” on dropdowns created using Additional Fields. (PRO only).
  • Relabeled “Event Custom Fields” to “Additional Event Fields” on the event creation page. (PRO only).
  • Changed the .next and .previous classes for the single.php event navigation to ‘tribe-next’ and ‘tribe-previous’. This change was also made in the stylesheet declarations for these classes in events.css.
  • Added end date for multi-day, all day events in the list widget.
  • The events admin menu bar is now a constant, and can be set to true/false by adding TRIBE_DISABLE_TOOLBAR_ITEMS to your wp-config file.
  • All calls to HTTP are now HTTPS supported.
  • WordPress’ default Custom Fields are now disabled on the event creation page by default for PRO users, unless that site already had custom fields in use at the time 2.0.9 is activated. Custom fields can be re-enabled as you see fit under Events –> Settings –> Additional Fields. (PRO only).
  • The Google Maps checkbox on Events –> Settings –> General is now enabled by default.
  • Updated the modal window that shows upon updating a recurring event, to clarify messaging. (PRO only).
  • The TRIBE_DISABLE_SHOP constant has been removed; use TRIBE_HIDE_UPSELL instead.
  • Various content clarification tweaks throughout the tabs on Events –> Settings.
  • Included new Catalan translation files (PRO only), courtesy of Fran Rosa.

Bug Fixes:

  • New venue & organizer are no longer created every time an event draft is saved.
  • Sidebar no longer pushes below calendar/list when using the Sidebar Template.
  • Events that have already ended no longer appear in the widget or list views.
  • Fixed a permalink conflict where events caused a conflict with Yoast-generated XML sitemaps.
  • Cost as zero (“Free”) events now behave the same in free & PRO.
  • Fixed an issue where for certain users, the month dropdown in calendar/grid view showed the previous month by default.
  • Added missing trailing slashes on links generated in calendar/grid view.
  • Published events no longer display “Select a Country:” on the frontend when no address details are entered on the backend.
  • Fixed a bug where editing/saving a recurring event from the backend took you to an entry 1 date in the future.
  • Before/After HTML is now filtered along with the rest of a user’s content.
  • Removed shorthand PHP tags from list.php.
  • Eliminated a “Warning: missing argument” message that showed in certain recurrence patterns.
  • Fixed incorrect “Tutorials” link found under Events –> Settings –> Help.
  • Fixed a pair of unrelated errors in public/template-tags/general.php.
  • Tag cloud widgets no longer lead to 404 errors when clicked from within the calendar.
  • Resolved a bug where the Advanced Post Manager filters conflicted with quickedit when modifying an event. (PRO only).
  • Frontend “Edit Event” in the admin bar no longer takes you to the wrong instance of a recurrence pattern on the backend.
  • Dates for recurring events are no longer incorrect when imported into Google Calendar. (PRO only).
  • Added a missing label back into the datepicker.php file.
  • Fixed an issue where the calendar widget’s next/previous month links failed to load in certain situations. (PRO only).

We look forward to hearing your feedback after you’ve updated. Questions? Complaints? Spare change? Let us know in the comments below or over at the forums. While we tested this pretty extensively, it’s always possible we broke something in our development efforts — and if you bring it to our attention we’ll do our best to get it fixed quickly.

And thanks, as always, for your support and help in making this product better with each release.

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  1. I have a question, WordPress reported the 2.0.9 updates for EC and EC Pro. I updated EC and EC and EC Pro lost their “update available” highlighting. EC Pro showed 2.0.8 as its ver. and also showed at the top of page the “wrong pairing” nag and an update link. Clicking the link takes me to a screen that says I have the latest version… The nag bar remains and the EC Pro still says it’s 2.0.8…

    What’s up?

    1. Hi Kathryn. Thanks for the note on this; I’m actually seeing the same thing on my end and am looking into this with the devs now. In the interim you should be able to re-download 2.0.9 directly from the site here under Account Central –> Downloads, and upload it/activate from there. I’ll also drop a note in here once we’ve confirmed what’s going on with the code.

      Thanks for the heads up. Please let me know what else I can do or if you have other questions.

      1. Having the same problem. Where is “Account Central – > Downloads”?

      2. @Sherm – you’ll have to login to your account first and then you’ll see the following:

        Hope that helps!

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  3. Thanks Rob. The manual download via Account Central and then upload via ftp fixed things. I’m now running 2.0.9 for both!

    1. Glad to hear you got this sorted, Elizabeth – thanks for confirming as much. Sounds like you’re all sorted for now but if you need anything else in the future, please just let us know. We truly appreciate your support.

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