Release: The Events Calendar 2.0.11

Though we hadn’t planned another 2.0.x update before releasing The Events Calendar 3.0, a couple critical matters came to our attention this week that required it, and as of this afternoon we’ve released The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO 2.0.11.

This is a relatively small update, but covers a couple of important issues:

First, and most significantly, was a jQuery problem that emerged in the forums a couple days ago. When jQuery 1.9 came out this past week, it removed some functions that we were still using which would affect not only functionality with our plugin but with a user’s overall site (since if one thing hiccups with jQuery, everything on the site chokes). This impacted anyone running jQuery 1.9…since┬ásome themes automatically load the latest version, this became an issue we saw reported by multiple users pretty immediately upon the new jQuery release.

Second, there was a problem reported in the forums related to the default Twenty Eleven theme where — on the Default Page Template, in Twenty Eleven only — embedded Google Maps were appearing as broken images and/or generally looking broken.

Both of these should be fixed in the 2.0.11 releases, which you’ll want to update to as soon as possible. Once you’ve done that, if you’re running any of our add-ons (other than WooTickets), you’re going to want to update those too.

Thanks to everyone who reported these issues early and allowed us to get them patched/deployed quickly.

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  2. Thanks for the prompt response to the issues you have fixed.

    Surely there are more relevant related post related post than Events Calendar Pro 1.3.2 and Premium Events Calendar 1.1 ?

    Kind regards,

    1. Hey Michael, glad to be of service on this end. We try our best to get these patched as quickly as possible.

      As for the related posts engine: that’s busted, to say the least ­čÖé We’ve got a substantive update to the website waiting in the wings here, and hopefully more relevant related posts will be a component of that. Apologies for the “vaporware” on that end, in the interim.

  3. I upgraded the events calendar last night and now when I mouse over the events in calendar view it does not show an excerpt definition of the event. I also upgraded wordpress version. Although the problem happened right after the events calendar upgrade. I have disabled all other plugins to no avail. My church congregation is already missing this feature. Help please. Probably something simple I am missing.

  4. downgraded to 2.0.9 and works great now. When I hover over the events the description of the event displays.

    1. Hey Tracy: thanks for the follow-up. Are you saying the tooltips (the information that appears on hover) disappeared when you updated to 2.0.11? If so, mind sharing a link to your site with my colleagues over at the forums ( While we’re glad to hear downgrading did the trick, you shouldn’t have to downgrade to get correct functionality…we’d be happy to work with you to figure out if there is a bug with the plugin and get whatever issues sorted, so that you can run the latest build with confidence.

      Thanks for the heads up, and your patience so far.

  5. Hi,
    I have version 2.0.11 of the Events Calendar on two websites.
    On South Florida Green, it is working great.
    On Green Purchase the event link does not show up in the “Organizer” segment? Both website are using the same theme (canvas/woo)… Any suggestions appreciated so much!
    Thank you,

    1. Hey Anita: thanks for the note here. I am indeed seeing the problem at; we can try to help you out with this, definitely…but mind posting it on the forums so our dedicated support team can take a look? The forums are found at, and we hit those daily. Posting there will ensure you get a response in as timely a fashion as possible.

      Hope that helps and thanks for your support. Please let me know if you need anything else.

  6. It seems the Danish language files have fallen out in latest PRO version since the release of The Events Calendar 2.0.2 ( What gives? If this is not simply a slip-up, could you please post a link to the Danish lang-files for the earlier version? That would be of great help in producing a translation for 2.0.11.


    1. Hi Thomas,

      Thanks for your comment. We removed the Danish translation from PRO because it was woefully incomplete, and we felt misleading including an unfinished translation. We would love it if you would do a complete translation for us! I’d be happy to provide you with the earlier files. Please email us at and I’ll get you all set up.


  7. Hi

    3/7/13 Updated events plug in as requested, on this particular site I use Coraline By Automattic Ver1.4.1 and upon upload of the plugin I lost my Events widget area list, the Posts widget remained okay which may indicate the plug in is the problem. The Post and events list (which I prefer) were the same format one above the other. I had no problems befoe the plug in update.

    Having reloaded the removed Events widget you will see on the site that I have large underlined text event titles. When clicking on to these they do nothing. Plus I do not like the style.

    How do I get back to how it was before?

    Many thanks


    1. Hey there,

      It sounds like you’re having trouble with the 3.0 upgrade. We’d be happy to help you out, but could you post in the forums? That’s where we do our main support.


      1. I cannot access the forums as requested. How do I get access if it doesn’t recognise me orallow me to create an ID. Is this special to your site or teh main WP one?

        The site has now crashed completely and it’s impossible to get it back, I tried a restore which screwed it totally..

        I have other sites using the same theme and very reluctant to update the events calendar.

      2. I’m sorry you’re having trouble and we’ll do our best to help out. We do support via our forums. If you are a paid user, you can access the premium forums with the login you made when you bought your license. If you are not a paid user, you can head over to our open source forums and post there. Thanks!

  8. Hi,

    I posted on the forum as requested but without any responses, I have put an update on which basically says I have spent all my time since reporting the problem with the plugin, getting my site basics back, It will take another few weeks as the DB restore is buggered too.

    When will the bugs be fixed, have a look at the site note it’s bascially back (over 100 pages yet to rebuild) and you’ll see what I mean.

    1. Hey again Southernboyuk. I believe I’ve addressed these points as best I can in other comments, but please let me know if not and I’ll follow-up as needed.

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