Release: Community Events 4.5, The Events Calendar 4.5.4, PRO, and Community Tickets

Community Events Refresh - now with Tags!

We’ve polished up Community Events in version 4.5! In this release, we have focused our efforts around Community Events and Community Tickets.

You spoke and we listened. Adding support for tags to your Submit an Event page was a high priority. Once an admin has created tags, users submitting events will be able to choose which tag to assign to an event.

We also cleaned up the layouts on the Event Submission Form and the My Events pages.

Ready to see what else we’ve improved under the hood? On to the specifics!

Important: Customization Compatibility

On this release our developers revamped almost all (see below) the Community Events front-end views, it is important that if you have any customization for these views to take a look and make sure they are still functional with the given changes.

New Actions

  • Community Events: tribe_community_events_before_list_navigation, tribe_community_events_after_list_navigation_buttons, tribe_community_events_before_list_table, tribe_community_events_after_list_table, tribe_events_community_section_before_captcha, tribe_events_community_section_after_captcha, tribe_events_community_section_before_cost, tribe_events_community_section_after_cost, tribe_events_community_section_before_custom_fields, tribe_events_community_section_after_custom_fields, tribe_events_community_section_before_datetime, tribe_events_community_section_after_datetime, tribe_events_community_section_before_description, tribe_events_community_section_after_description, tribe_events_community_section_before_featured_image, tribe_events_community_section_after_featured_image, tribe_events_community_section_before_organizer, tribe_events_community_section_after_organizer, tribe_events_community_section_before_honeypot, tribe_events_community_section_after_honeypot, tribe_events_community_section_before_submit, tribe_events_community_section_after_submit, tribe_events_community_section_before_taxonomy, tribe_events_community_section_after_taxonomy, tribe_events_community_section_before_title, tribe_events_community_section_after_title, tribe_events_community_section_before_venue, tribe_events_community_section_after_venue, tribe_events_community_section_before_website, tribe_events_community_section_after_website
  • Community Tickets: tribe_events_community_section_before_tickets, tribe_events_community_section_after_tickets

New Filters

  • Community Events: tribe_community_events_allowed_taxonomies, tribe_community_events_list_columns, tribe_community_events_list_columns_blocked, tribe_community_events_add_event_label, tribe_community_events_list_display_button_text, tribe_events_community_custom_field_value, tribe_community_event_edit_button_label

Newly-Deprecated Code

Community Events

  • Removed Class: Tribe__Events__Community__Modules__Taxonomy_Block
  • Removed filters: tribe_community_events_form_spam_control, tribe_events_community_category_dropdown_shown_item_count, tribe_ce_event_update_button_text, tribe_ce_event_submit_button_text, tribe_ce_add_event_button_text, tribe_ce_event_list_display_button_text, tribe_community_custom_field_value
  • Removed actions: tribe_events_community_before_the_event_title, tribe_events_community_after_the_event_title, tribe_events_community_before_the_content, tribe_events_community_after_the_content, tribe_events_community_before_form_submit, tribe_events_community_after_form_submit, tribe_ce_before_event_list_top_buttons, tribe_ce_after_event_list_top_buttons, tribe_ce_before_event_list_table, tribe_ce_after_event_list_table, tribe_events_community_before_the_captcha, tribe_events_community_after_the_captcha, tribe_events_community_before_the_cost, tribe_events_community_after_the_cost, tribe_events_community_before_the_datepickers, tribe_events_community_after_the_datepickers, tribe_events_community_before_the_featured_image, tribe_events_community_after_the_featured_image, tribe_events_community_before_the_categories, tribe_events_community_after_the_categories, tribe_events_community_before_the_website, tribe_events_community_after_the_website

Community Tickets

  • Removed actions: tribe_events_community_after_the_tickets

Updated Views

Community Events

  • community/columns/category
  • community/columns/end_date
  • community/columns/organizer
  • community/columns/recurring
  • community/columns/start_date
  • community/columns/status
  • community/columns/title
  • community/columns/venue
  • community/edit-event
  • community/edit-organizer
  • community/edit-venue
  • community/event-list
  • community/modules/captcha
  • community/modules/cost
  • community/modules/custom
  • community/modules/datepickers
  • community/modules/delete
  • community/modules/description
  • community/modules/header-links
  • community/modules/image
  • community/modules/organizer-fields
  • community/modules/organizer-multiple
  • community/modules/organizer
  • community/modules/recurrence
  • community/modules/spam-control
  • community/modules/submit
  • community/modules/taxonomy
  • community/modules/title
  • community/modules/venue
  • community/modules/website

Community Tickets

  • community-tickets/modules/tickets

The Events Calendar:

  • default-template


Ready to explore the details of this release? On to the changelogs!

The Events Calendar 4.5.4

  • Tweak — Minor tweaks to the CSS for linked post types (Organizer/Venues)
  • Fix — Prevent drag and drop icon showing when singular linked post type is been displayed
  • Language — 2 new strings added, 156 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 4 obsoleted [the-events-calendar]
  • Language — 4 new strings added, 20 updated, 1 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted [tribe-common]

Events Calendar PRO 4.4.10

  • Tweak — Improve the styles for Custom Fields
  • Language — 0 new strings added, 38 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 1 obsoleted [events-pro]

Community Events 4.5

  • Feature – Post tags to the Community Events Editor
  • Feature – Completely revamp the HTML and CSS for the Community “My Events” and “Events Editor”
  • Feature – Increase the customization hook for all Community Event templates
  • Feature – Improve user experience for featured image uploading on “Events Editor”
  • Fix – Display of checkboxes in the additional field section to be one per line
  • Tweak – Modify Categories user experience on the Community event editor
  • Tweak – Adding community events options to sysinfo data available viewable in Events > Help
  • Tweak – Event Editor now has a better Mobile CSS
  • Tweak – Added Template tag: tribe_community_events_list_columns, tribe_community_events_prev_next_nav
  • Tweak – 17 new strings added, 134 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 13 obsoleted [events-community]

Community Tickets 4.4.3

  • Tweak – Compatibility with version 4.5 of Community Events
  • Language – 0 new strings added, 14 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted [events-community-tickets]

Note for Release Candidate Users

We encourage everyone that installed the release candidate for The Events Calendar or the addons to install version 4.5.4 in order to receive plugin update notifications correctly in the future.

Thanks for your continued support! We hope this update makes your sites much better, your jobs way easier, and your overall experience using our plugins a breeze. Cheers to you on behalf of everyone here at The Events Calendar!