Maintenance Release for the Week of 22 January 2018

Welcome to Maintenance Release number 2 of 2018! We’re getting back into our stride as far as bug squashing is concerned for 2018 and packed this release with some great fixes and tweaks. If this is your first time getting an update from us remember Maintenance Releases are smaller updates between major releases that are mostly comprised of bug fixes, tweaks, and small but meaningful improvements. We always recommend using a staging site to test these changes before updating on a live site.

To see all of the changes included in this Maintenance Release, check out the changelogs for all updated plugins below:

The Events Calendar 4.6.10

  • Fix – Allow The Events Calendar REST API to be disabled using the `tribe_events_rest_api_enabled` filter
  • Fix – Remove the errant div.tribe-events-single-section on the single event view when there is no venue
  • Fix – Make sure the date for past events is set to the current date not the end of the day of the current date
  • Fix – Use featured_color_scheme_custom if present as mechanism to overwrite the default color scheme for highlight color
  • Fix – Make sure to apply $settings to each section with the initial values in the customizer
  • Tweak – Trigger an event map-created.tribe when a map is created to allow flexibility on customization
  • Tweak – Add a link to the knowledge base about ‘Setting Up Your Google Maps API Key’
  • Tweak – Add the_title filter to events called by `tribe_events_template_data`
  • Tweak – Made the “events” and “event” slugs translatable by WPML and other multilingual plugins
  • Tweak – Introduced the tribe_events_query_force_local_tz filter to allow for forcing non-UTC event start and end times in Tribe__Events__Query
  • Tweak – Include permalink structure into the report for support
  • Tweak – Prevent empty or otherwise-invalid values for various date-format options in the Display settings
  • Tweak – Brought day number headers in the Month View into compliance with WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards when using the “Tribe Events” stylesheet
  • Tweak – Improved the alignment of the event cost on the single-event view (props to @canberraclimbersassociation for reporting this bug)
  • Tweak – Added some more context to the labeling of the “Number of events per page” option (thanks to Todd H. for highlighting this label)
  • Tweak – Improve performance on Event Admin List Count by removing JOIN and use cached results
  • Tweak – Made the “/page/” component of some views’ URL string translatable
  • Tweak – Button “Merge Duplicates” is always visible from now on
  • Tweak – Allow queries to explicitly include or exclude events that are nominally hidden from event listings
  • Tweak – Added not_empty() validation method to the `Tribe__Validate` class for more options while validating date formats
  • Tweak – Update label on report for support to avoid confusions
  • Tweak – Deprecated the unused $timezone parameter in the tribe_get_start_date() and tribe_get_end_date() template tags

The Events Calendar Pro 4.4.22

  • Fix – Create instance variables until plugins are loaded, to allow translations on each variable
  • Fix – Add data attributes to the container created by the shortcode, to allow JS events to work and other attributes from main events page to be attached to the shortcode template
  • Fix – Restored ability to query Google and obtain the longitude and latitude of venues (our thanks to @themal and many others for flagging this problem)
  • Tweak – Add routes with `tribe_events_rewrite_rules_custom` filter instead of generate_rewrite_rules
  • Tweak – Improved validation of the “Week Day Format” option in the Display settings so that blank values are no longer accepted
  • Tweak – Distance filter now is displayed as soon as there’s a value on the location field
  • Tweak – Trigger an event map-created.tribe when a map instance is created.
  • Tweak – Add link to the API tab when the Google Maps API limit is reached

Filter Bar 4.5.3

  • Fix – Make sure Filter Bar’s responsive breakpoint is the same as The Events Calendar’s, and is filterable via the same tribe_events_mobile_breakpoint filter (thanks @myrunningresource for reporting the discrepancy!)
  • Fix – the category filter so it has the current archive’s category selected on the initial load (props to @simonoetang-be for reporting this!)
  • Fix – Modified the behavior of filters (so they update to reflect any changes that were made) when live ajax is disabled (our thanks to Karly on the forums for flagging this)
  • Tweak – Address some layout issues with the “Featured Events” filter so the label text doesn’t get cut off
  • Tweak – Tweaked the “Day” filter so it more consistently returns accurate results regardless of site options (props @trevellyan for originally reporting the issue)
  • Tweak – Update labeling to avoid confusion on the default state for all the Filter Bar module
  • Tweak – Address some layout issues with the “Featured Events” filter so the label text doesn’t get cut off
  • Tweak – Tweaked the “Day” filter so it more consistently returns accurate results regardless of site options (props @trevellyan for originally reporting the issue)

Not Updated This Release

The following plugins have not been updated this release and will remain at the version numbers specified here:

  • Event Tickets Plus 4.6.2
  • Event Tickets 4.6.3
  • Community Events 4.5.8
  • Community Tickets 4.5.3
  • Image Widget 4.4.7
  • Advanced Post Manager 4.4
  • Eventbrite Tickets 4.4.9
  • Image Widget Plus 1.0.2
  • GigPress 2.3.19