Hotfix for Events Calendar 2.0.5 “Event Has Passed” bug

When we released The Events Calendar/Events Calendar PRO 2.0.5 on Monday, it shipped with a bug that caused sites running in certain time zone settings to show our “This Event Has Passed” message on all events (past, present & future). Upon being alerted of the bug we jumped on it and pushed a hotfix to the server yesterday morning.

As such please redownload and reinstall The Events Calendar 2.0.5 and you should find the issue resolved. It can be acquired from the repo, right here. (Note that there was no change to the PRO code so you need not make any changes there.) Upon doing so, the issue should be resolved for all time zone settings regardless of whether a city or UTC option was selected from the dropdown. Please make sure to clear your cache and resave permalinks after installing the new code.

If the issue is still a problem from there, let me know your time zone settings and we’ll keep looking into it. We tested a wide variety of combinations and all worked fine. Thanks for being patient and apologies for the inconvenience so far.

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  1. Our Time zone is Brisbane Australia
    You can check the current Brisbane time zone details on this site

    1. Hey David. Are you saying you applied the hotfix (re-downloaded the 2.0.5 code after initial install) and found this issue persisted? If so, you’ll be the first one for whom that’s the case. Let me know and we can keep looking into it as needed.

      1. Thanks for the reply Rob and yes I downloaded the file from the link above and reinstalled via my FTP after deleting the initial file. I have Event calendar PRO also so Not sure if that matters. Could you please go over how I clear my cache and reasve permalinks please. This may be the reason I can’y fix this.

      2. Hey David. Thanks for confirming. As long as you’re running 2.0.5 of both The Events Calendar and Events Calendar PRO, you should be fine.

        On the permalinks side…just navigate to Settings -> Permalinks and re-save the page. No changes needed; just resave.

        To clear your cache…this will differ slightly depending on the browser you’re using, but somewhere in the menus atop your browser (either under Preferences or Internet Settings) you’ll have the option to clear your browsing history – an aspect of that being your cache. Let me know if that doesn’t do the trick and I’ll try to troubleshoot further.

  2. Thanks again Rob. I have followed the steps as suggested bu I have noticed that we are running Version 2.0.1 of the Events Calandar PRO. Can this be automatically updated? If not what do I need to do?

    1. David: thanks for the follow-up. That could definitely be the culprit here; I assume when acquiring PRO, you bought a license…correct? If so, you should plug that in under Settings -> The Events Calendar. Assuming you’re running the official 2.0.1 tag and not a beta code, you’ll be prompted – on your plugins page – to update PRO to 2.0.5 from there.

      Once you’ve got free & PRO consistent (on 2.0.5), let me know if the issue persists. Cheers!

      1. Hi Rob,
        YesI still have problems. At first I noticed that I never registered the PRO so I did that this morining. Now I have the PRO 2.05.plugin and both plugins are active. I am still getting this blue event has passed message. I have checked the site on Safari on an IMac, Chrome and Explorer 7. They all show the same message.

      2. Hey David. No problem; thanks for confirming as much. If you want to send over a set of admin credentials for the site to pro /a/, we’ll take a look (but won’t change any settings…just want to take a peek at your time zone settings and the plugins list).

      3. Do you mean Just to confirm you, want my username and password for wordpress admin yes?

  3. Exactly, David — on both fronts.

  4. If I uninstall and re-download, that means I must plug in events again?

    1. Hi Marie. You’ll want to back up first, but f you already had 2.0.5 active, simply removing it and reinstalling it should save your events. Want to give that a go and let me know the results?

      1. I am attempting to resolve now… will let you know! Thanks

  5. I am still having issues with this too. I installed fresh yesterday and get the blue event has passed notification on all events.

    Timezone settings are:

    Los Angeles (have also tried UTC -7 with same result)

    any other info I can provide please let me know

    1. Hey Charlie. Thanks for the follow-up. Weirdly running those same time zone settings with the same hotfix code, I’m unable to recreate your issue. How far out is the problematic event? Are your time settings different than mine in any other way ( (I also tried with the UTC settings to no avail).

      Any chance you’re in a position where you can test deactivation of other plugins, and reverting to the default 2011 theme as necessary (so you’re testing down to the point where you’ve just got The Events Calendar on a 2011 install with no modifications)? Since I’m unable to recreate this in that same situation running those time zone settings, and since those were indeed among the ones we tested most heavily with during the pre-hotfix QA process, it sounds like something else is at play here.

      Let me know. Are you on PRO or free? If PRO, can we move this over to the forums?

  6. Hey Rob,

    I am free for the time being. Will go pro for sure… just want to make sure I can get this working.

    Here are my settings. The only difference is that my week starts on Sunday –

    I can deactivate plugins and change themes as needed… but here is what I found upon further testing – When originally creating the event everything works and displays just fine. As soon as I go back and edit the event and re-save that is when the event expired shows up. I don’t edit start or end dates and times… just add text to the editor and re-save… but then the blue bar shows up.

    Happy to continue troubleshooting over email too if that is more convenient.


  7. Hi Rob, I just got around to updating the WordPress theme from1.09 to 1.21. The calendar works fine on a similar site that I run This also uses the updated 1.21 theme (i ran a test). Strangely I still can’t get the calendar to behave on the koolat safety site which is having the event has passed issue. any suggestions?

    1. Hey David. That is weird; are there any differences you can think of, no matter how small, between what the first site has that the second doesn’t (or vice versa) that could be causing this? Since we know it works in one of these environments it does sound like there is something else at play, though it’ll be hard for me to diagnose it from here…

      1. There’s a few extra plugins on the troubled site. I’ll get to the bottom of it someday

      2. I’m sorry that we couldn’t help you out more here, David. If any other thoughts come up or you ever figure out what was causing this I’d be interested to hear it (as would any other users in your same position).

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