Release: Filter Bar 4.5

We’ve freshened up Filter Bar in version 4.5! In this release, we have focused our efforts displaying multiple filters selected to the user, showing better relationships between child categories, and some design improvements.

Changelogs for Filter Bar

Ready to explore the details of this release? On to the changelogs!

  • Fix — added class to checkbox items to better show parent, child, and grandparent relationship
  • Fix — display active filters selected in the Filter Bar
  • Fix — autocheck categories under parent when checked and in dropdown display all events under a parent category
  • Fix — added an upgrade script to change from autocomplete to Multi-Select
  • Fix — issue where only the first event would show when using State/Province, City, or Country filters in checkbox mode
  • Tweak — Select2 to replace Chosen script for dropdowns and autocomplete
  • Tweak — improve horizontal filter icon styles by moving to the right of the filter names
  • Tweak — reverse color scheme on vertical filter bar to make header and footer darker
  • Tweak — add autocomplete to dropdowns and rename Autocomplete to Multi-Select to clarify the different selection options
  • Tweak — set Events Calendar PRO’s Additional Fields filter to use alphabetical order
  • Tweak — Added filters: tribe_events_filter_event_category_display_class
  • Tweak — Changed views: filter-bar/filter-view-horizontal, filter-bar/filter-view-vertical

Thanks for your continued support! We hope this update makes your sites much better, your jobs way easier, and your overall experience using our plugins a breeze. Cheers to you on behalf of everyone here at Modern Tribe!