Release: Events Calendar PRO, Facebook Events + EDD Tickets 3.9.2

Good afternoon! We had a handful of small maintenance releases go out the door today, and wanted to make sure you were aware of them.

We received reports of bugs over the past week with three of our plugins – Events Calendar PRO, Facebook Events + EDD Tickets. Our fixes passed QA today and were released into the wild immediately thereafter…if you have a valid license in place for any of the plugins listed above, you’ll start to see update prompts over the next 24 hours. All three plugins are now at version 3.9.2.

These were small updates that we wanted to release now because we felt the fixes couldn’t wait until the 3.10 codebase ships sometime next month. There was one ticket associated with each plugin we updated today:

Events Calendar PRO

  • Addressed a potential security vulnerability related to the ajax_change_month function; we now ensure only valid dates get $_POSTed (thanks to Mikko Virenius for reporting this to us!)

Facebook Events

  • Fixed a bug that kept venues from importing properly after a recent change in Facebook API (thanks to hellowebsites in the forum for letting us know!)

EDD Tickets

  • Further fixes for continued compatibility with the latest versions of EDD, specifically addressing additional issues with the print ticket functionality (thanks to imdesigngroup on the forums for the report!)

As always, a major thanks goes out to the users who reported these issues to us. If anyone encounters new problems with the 3.9.2 codebase please let us know on the forums and we’ll do our best to address them in as timely a fashion as possible.