Events Calendar Pro 5.1.0

Howdy friends! Events Calendar Pro 5.1.0 features updates that create a better user experience when there are no upcoming events on the calendar. These features include a “fast forward” link to see events in the future and a “Recent Past Events” view to see your most recent events — which is much nicer than being greeted by an empty calendar. We also improved the admin interface for the Block Editor and the way that it handles browser alerts.

Since this is a big release,  we recommend performing a backup of your site and testing changes in a development environment before installing this on your live site, as you would with any other WordPress update. That’s especially true if you have made customizations to your calendar because those could be lost on update without properly testing first.

Here are the detailed changes included in this release:

  • Feature – We added a “fast-forward” link to the calendar week view when there are no upcoming events in the currently selected week.
  • Feature – We added tribe_events_views_v2_use_ff_link and tribe_events_views_v2_{$this->slug}_use_ff_link filters to allow control of the fast-forward link.
  • Tweak – We made improvements to the way meta data is handled by the Blocks Editor.
  • Tweak – We deprecate Select2 3.5.4 in favor of SelectWoo.
  • Tweak – We’re now loading the plugin text domain on the new tribe_load_text_domains action hook, which fires on init instead of on the plugins_loaded hook.
  • Fix – We’re preventing the Block Editor from throwing browser alerts when leaving the page without any changes applied to the edited post.
  • Fix – PHP errors are prevented when activating or deactivating the plugin in bulk with other plugins.
  • Fix – We added the text domain on the calendar’s week view so that the “no results” messages can be translated.
  • Fix – We did the same thing for the top bar of the calendar’s photo, week, and map views to make the text in it translatable.
  • Fix – We corrected the text domain in the dropdown for the calendar’s photo, week, and map views to make the text translatable.
  • Fix – Venues with addresses that cannot be resolved to a latitude and longitude will now show without an address in the map view.
  • Fix – We have corrected some text domain typos for proper translation.
  • Hooks
  • Language10 new strings added, 69 updated, 0 fuzzied, and 0 obsoleted