Collecting information about your attendees — such as their names and email addresses — can give you insights about who is coming to your event, how to communicate with them, and even create personalized experiences for them.

With Event Tickets Plus you can choose to collect additional information from people who RSVP or buy tickets to your events. By default, RSVPs collect the user’s name and email address. People who purchase tickets are required to fill out their contact and payment information. You have a few options to adjust the Individual Attendee Collection settings, which you can read about here.

Attendee registration settings

Head to Tickets → Settings → Attendee Registration to configure your event registration settings.

the attendee registration settings page

Attendee registration modal: when this is checked, it will enable a modal popup on your site just before reaching the cart checkout. You can also remove an attendee from this screen as well.

Attendee registration modal

Attendee registration template: Attendee information is collected during the checkout process. You can change the look of this page or modal using the attendee registration template.

Attendee registration page: If you’d like to have full control over designing the registration page to perfectly match your website, with methods to show sidebars, footers, or other page elements, using the Attendee Registration Page is the route to go.  Use the[tribe_attendee_registration] shortcode to display the attendee information fields to users on any WordPress page or post.

Set what information to collect during registration

When creating a ticket or RSVP, click the “Attendee Information” option to define what information you want to collect during registration. We call these “custom registration fields” and they are a feature included with Event Tickets Plus.

Note: Attendee Collection does not need to be enabled in order to collect Attendee Information (aka custom registration fields). With this method, only one email will be sent to the purchaser’s email address that contains all the tickets. If you’d like emails sent to each of the attendees, you’ll want to enable Attendee Registration.

A modal with the option to add attendee information

Once you are done adding custom fields to the event’s registration form, save your changes and anyone purchasing a ticket will see the form during registration, based on which option you have chosen in the previous section.

With Event Tickets Plus (5.2.4 or above), we have enabled placeholder support for the following attendee registration fields: text, email, URL, and telephone.

Note that you can save your custom registration options as a “saved fieldset” that can be used on other tickets you make. Select “Save this fieldset for use on other tickets” when saving your custom registration fields. To use a saved fieldset, click the “Start with a saved fieldset” option and select the fieldset you want to use before adding any fields to the form.

You can view the custom fields that have been added when using the Classic Editor, like this:

the admin screen for managing event tickets

Viewing attendee information

Go to Events, locate the event you want to view information for, then click the “Attendees” link that is displayed when hovering over the event.

attendee information
Event Tickets adds an “Attendees” link to the post actions.

Clicking the “Attendees” link will take you to a screen that contains a list of everyone who is registered for the event.

Click the “View Details” link on any attendee to view their responses to the registration fieldset.

Click “View Details” to view the attendee’s response to the registration fieldset.