Hotfix Release: iCal Importer

We just released an update to our iCal Importer plugin. This is what we like to call a hotfix release. These releases arise when we want to address a specific issue without making customers wait for the “regularly-scheduled” releases that happen on a slower timetable.

So what was fixed in this release? Well, when you import recurring events with iCal Importer, a single event instance is created for each recurrence of the event. For example: If you have a recurring event on a Google Calendar that happens every Friday for eight weeks, iCal Importer would generate eight separate events in your WordPress site upon importing that calendar—one event on each of the eight Fridays.

However, a recent bug emerged where all eight instances of the event would be generated, but they would all happen on the same day!

This was a pretty major bug that we were happy to fix quickly. The bug is fixed in version of iCal Importer.

iCal Importer is now available to download. If you have automatic updates enabled, then you should be seeing a notification in your WordPress dashboard soon. Otherwise, you can grab the download anytime by logging into this site with your account and navigating to the My Account → Downloads screen to download and manually install the update.

A huge hat tip to everyone who brought this up in our support forums! Your reports allowed us to realize the issue and to see how many people were affected by this, so that we could prioritize publishing a fix as soon as possible.